A Welcoming Sunset

If the Philippines is the "Pearl of the Orient Seas, then what would that make Manila?

O ften a sunset symbolizes an end, but does the first sunset of the year count as an end too? I was looking around trying to find the best opening post for my new blog, "Marlon of Manila" when i came across these old photos i took on the first day of the year 2007. I originally planned on writing something about Manila as this city plays a major part in my being. After all, i spent most of my life in this tiny dot on the map which i proudly call home.

I remember way back when I was still in grade school, among the first things that I was taught about Manila was about the beautiful sunset in our historic bay. In fact, according to my teacher, tourists flood the area bringing cameras trying to capture its wonder. Being the inquisitive kid I was, I asked.

“What’s so different about the sunset in Manila Bay when around the world they see the exact same sun?”

My teacher simply said, “You have to see it for yourself..." and I guess she was right. How shameful on my end that it took almost a decade for me to actually visit Manila Bay when in fact i live pretty close to it. I guess I always had the mindset that I can just always go there whenever i want considering its proximity, but guess what? I've never been to that place before that day when out of complete boredom i decided to call up some friends and go for a "babe watching".I even experienced the freezing snow before i ever got the chance to feel Manila Bay sunset's warmth. Now, i wonder how many more of these sights i could have witnessed if i didn't took it for granted.

As you can see on the pictures, i was extremely lucky at the time to spot a Dragon Boat Racing Team. I was actually able to hear the drum beating from afar and while looking at the photograph i remember how symbolic that day was. I imagined that i was the tiny boat and the scenic sunset on the background is life itself. Rowing the boat was difficult, pain-staking, and it takes a lot of effort to get to your destination but if you look at the bigger picture you'll realize how beautiful life really is.



  1. kyrk and kosa, salamat sa pagdaan.

  2. great pictures! Manila Bay at its splendor! =)

  3. hi! dumadaan... nice pics! i'm still so busy here sa work..I also want to take pics of sunsets dito samin...ganda rin ng sunset dito..inggit ako! hehehe...

    thanks din sa pagdaan.. pa comment comment lang muna ko hehehe.di pa ko maka-update ng blog..oh my..behind na ko.

  4. This is indeed a welcome treat Marlon.

    Great photos.
    Profound insight.

    Kudos to your new blog!

  5. btw, what did you do for post processing?

    meron husband ko dito photoshop pero old version na ata to...


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