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I-Witness, "the Underdogs"

In this photo, i was sitting next to a Michigan Senator during one of the conference where i served chairperson during the Michigan Youth Leadership Forum while discussing disability acts at Michigan's capitol Lansing. (I was the only foreign national present)

Last Monday, I watched GMA-7's I-witness episode hosted by no other than Mr. Howie Severino. As always, staying up so late for the show was worth it. The documentary was about the "Underdogs", people who are considered to be of less capability compared to the greater majority who despite of their different conditions continues to strive and fight their way through everyday challenges. The show featured 3 stories--excluding that of Mr. Severino's personal experience of experiencing a temporary disability but personally, and perhaps this is to be expected I got interested with Mr. Berry Perry's story more than that of the others for I share the condition that he and some members of his family h…

Dr. Pepe in Perspektib

"Buong Buhay ko, wala kayaong ginawa kundi husgahan ako, basahin ako, kung anu-ano ang hiningi niyo pero hindi ninyo pa rin makita kung sino ako. " - from the Movie Rizal

I am a Filipino--that is if i would be too technical and be that simple because according to the 1987 Constitution every person born within the Philippine Territory is by birth a Filipino. Yes, it’s now that easy for anyone to be called a Filipino and perhaps on that aspect Dr. Jose Rizal among all the heroes who fought for our freedom was successful. However, more than just having the title itself is not enough; one has to prove he deserves to be called a Filipino. Jose Rizal didn’t just become our National Hero because he wrote Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo and not even because of its influence that sparked the revolution. He is the National Hero because he loved the country the most at the time when nobody was even allowed to think that a country—the Philippines even existed.

Jose Rizal was a gen…

Ang Pasko sa mata ng Isang Hindi na Masyadong Bata

"Ang mga inaanak pala ay hindi lang taga ubos ng pera mo"

Pasko ngayon, December 25. 2008, alas-tres bente ng hapon pero ako eto, nasa harap lang ng computer at gumagawa ng blog post.

Ganun ba talaga kahirap mag-celebrate ng pasko kapag 22 years old ka, walang syota, hindi ka nagtatrabaho sa callcenter at malayo ka sa barkada? Bakit hindi na ako masaya ngayong kapag narinig ko ang salitang "namamasko po!?". At since kelan pa mas dumami iyong nagmamano sa akin kesa doon sa mga pinagmamanuhan ko dati? Kagabe lang, bisperas ng pasko eh nakinig ako ng radio online habang gumagawa ako ng modifications sa blog na ito sabay biglang umihip ang malakas na simoy ng hangin kasabay ng kantang "Silent Night". Pinatatamaan ba ako dahil ganun katahimik ang gabi ko?

I should say, epektib naman siya kasi biglang nag-flashback iyong memories nung mga nakaraang pasko ko. Noong bata ako naalala ko noon bisperas ng gabi pa lang super-hyper na iyong mood sa bahay. Andami kasi na…

Ikaw? Sino Ka?

" I remember back then I always wanted to be the difference but I guess it wouldn’t hurt if sometimes I would just like be everybody else. "

These past few days are among the last ones’ left for the year 2008 but also I hope that these days are also going to be the last few days of what have been a very long period of my so-called “soul-searching”

Just yesterday I’ve made one pleasant mistake, I’m still intrigued as to how it happened but somehow the text message I was sending a friend ended up with a complete stranger. I couldn’t figure out how because her number is not even in my phonebook. On top of that, her number didn’t even have any significant similarity with that of my friend’s. It was completely random and I couldn’t have possibly pushed that much number by mistake. (Kung iisipin ko pa ngayon kung paano nangyari iyon eh para akong isang batang two year old na nagtatangka bumuo ng rubrix cube.) I couldn’t possibly solve it.

Well, just like what I said. It was a…

96.3 W.Rock Entries

Hello there HP and GC...

I just waNt to send my opinion on the poll question about telling your friend how you feel if you already fell for him/her.

I have actually done it twice already, both times didn't work out but alteast i was able to tell them how i felt, i don't have any regrets because now i don't have any what if's in my head. At first, it did hurt knowing that they didn't feel the same way and that they only saw me as friend but that actually brought as much closer, i know the story is not the same to everyone because some girls by instinct move away once they knew how you felt which for me is very unfair...Hindi ka na nga nila kayang mahalain, ayaw pa nilang mahalin mo sila...

Fear of losing the friendship is perfectly understandable but the risks is worth it. Keeping your feelings to yourself is like not even giving yourself a chance to be happy. Hindi ba't kapag kaharap mo siya eh hindi mo mapigilan tanungin ang sarili mo kung mahal ka rin niya? Ques…


It’s no secret I’ve been in-love before,
So deep that the pain I can’t ignore
My heart is in pieces as it fell on the floor
Pain speaks for itself—I thought not to love anymore
Hours have passed as though they were years
In my eyes all I can see was tears
Happiness all taken out of me
No one is to be blamed—no one but me
Then you came and brought me out of the shell
You pulled me out of hell
You brought me up here—heaven as I can tell
You pulled me out of hell where I fell
I know I died but I’m here revived by you
I smile by the mere thought of you
Now I actually think I’m falling for you
Can’t help it, but I’ve fallen for you
Wrong I might be…but how can it be?
I feel so right, coz God! I’ve never been this happy
How can it be wrong when it feels so right?
To be with you…is where I wanna be
I want to make you as happy as you make me.



Our hearts often beat for the wrong person,

They love for what seems to be no good reason,

No matter what we do, we can't make a lie of what is true

We fall, We love but why? We don't even have a single clue

Back then i've always been taught

Death is nothing for those who loved and fought

Love then to me was always a wonderful thought

You came, You smiled and i knew it was love that you brought

I felt a bit odd and somewhat crazy,

My heart beat tripled as if it was in a hurry

It was Christmas in June, Everyday seemed to be so merry

Sunlight never felt so warm, I had no idea that love too can end in tragedy

Looking back, i may have loved you too much too soon

Because now, i feel sad and as blue as the moon

Nothing seems to make me smile, not even a funny cartoon

I felt as though, the flowers never even bloomed

Now i feel i can dive in front of a fighting platoon

My heart now is nothing but an empty room

All i wished for was to be your only groom

Why did everything ended so soon?



"Iba ang gumagawa ng wala sa walang ginagawa"
-Bob Ong

Eto ako, si Marlon. Isang taong gumagawa ng wala. Tuwing wala akong magawa, eh gumagawa ako ng wala at salamat sa Internet, nakakagawa ako ng wala. Huh?


Bata pa ako marami na akong tanong sa isip ko. Iyong iba nasagot na ng kung sino-sinong nakilala ko, iyong iba naman ako mismo nakatuklas ng solusyon pero marami doon ang tanong pa rin sa isip ko kahit ngayong medyo bata na lang ako. Actually, sa tingin ko nga eh mas marami akong tanong ngayon at mas mahihirap itong sagutin. Buti pa noon musmos pa ako, ang mga tanong ko lang eh iyong tipong bakit nagsasalita iyong mga hayop sa t.v.? Bakit walang snow dito sa Pilipinas? Tska bakit parang antagal lagi magpasko? Uhm.. (Iniisip ko kung tinanong ko ba noong bata ako kung bakit asul ang ulap pero naisip ko bigla hindi ko pala iyon itatanong kasi favorite color ko naman iyong blue dati at isa pa, medyo mahirap na tanong iyong kahit sa isang matanda).

Dati noong bata pa ako, na…