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Ordinary People

We're just ordinary people,
We don't know which way to go" -John Legend

I think it's more than just a severe case of last song syndrome, I've been singing this song (actually more like trying) for how many days now and maybe because more than just the fancy piano playing and the awesome vocals of John Legend--is the grand idea that no matter how much we'd like to believe in ourselves, is the fact that there will always be moment when all of us would be just like everyone else--ordinary people.

We are naturally vulnerable, imperfect, emotional, confused and most of the time clueless. Maybe that is why superhuman or superheroes appeal to us that much because we'd love to hold to the slightest thought that we can be super. Not in a sense that we can pick up tanks and throw them away when were mad or fly way above the clouds to escape our normal life but the mere idea of having a sense of control. We are smart and to some extent yes--we can control our life. Some…

You're The 1, Goldilocks!

"One day in your life, you'll remember a place...someone touching your face, you'll come back and look around"

-One Day in Your Life Michael Jackson

I guess glancing through old photos on a rainy afternoon with that song playing on the background is all took for me to act on this impulse to write this post. After all, I've been feeling a bit sentimental these past few days perhaps because I know that "one day" in my life is once again drawing near.

I have nothing but great memories of my childhood and if there is one person whom I know I should be thanking right now--it's my mom. I am the "bunso" in the family and was often the object of jealousy from my "Ate" and "Kuya" because I was a "Mama's Boy". I guess it can't be helped given that I was different, maybe she felt that I needed the attention more than my older siblings who were 7 and 9 years old already when I was born. Also, I think the fact that I …


Starting over--if you read my previous post which is already a month old (thanks to Smartbro), you'd know that's what I talked about. Finally, I was able to get back on my feet and move forward after being stagnant doing what I'd like to call soul-searching. Over six months of doing nothing--I realized that whatever that is that I'm looking for won't come so I had to go out--not necessarily to search for it but perhaps to just open up possibilities.

Hindi naman kami close ni tadhana pero hindi ko maintindihan bakit parating ako na lang iyong napapag-tripan niya? Alam kong kyut ako, pero hindi naman siguro sapat na dahilan iyon para ako na lang lagi ang napapansin niya.

Unang araw ng training, nagpakilala kaming lahat sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng isang short self-description. Bagama't alam naman nating lahat na hindi sapat ang ilang minutong pagpapakilala sa sarili upang malaman natin ang mga bagay tungkol sa isang tao at masabi nating kilala na natin sila ay s…