July 14, 2009

You're The 1, Goldilocks!

"One day in your life, you'll remember a place...someone touching your face, you'll come back and look around"

-One Day in Your Life Michael Jackson

I guess glancing through old photos on a rainy afternoon with that song playing on the background is all took for me to act on this impulse to write this post. After all, I've been feeling a bit sentimental these past few days perhaps because I know that "one day" in my life is once again drawing near.

I have nothing but great memories of my childhood and if there is one person whom I know I should be thanking right now--it's my mom. I am the "bunso" in the family and was often the object of jealousy from my "Ate" and "Kuya" because I was a "Mama's Boy". I guess it can't be helped given that I was different, maybe she felt that I needed the attention more than my older siblings who were 7 and 9 years old already when I was born. Also, I think the fact that I grew little over the years played in my favor because even at my early teens I was still as young looking and as hugggable as I was when I was 7 years old.

Being the favorite in the family, decisions are often made in my favor. From simple things like what to have for dinner, what to watch on T.V, what movie to rent, flavors of ice cream to buy and of course which cake to get from Goldilocks. In fact, we were consistent in buying only the chocolate rolls whenever there is special occasion or just a simple thirsts for sweets in the family. However, all that changed when one day, the Goldilocks in Sta, Ana Manila for some reason didn't have Chocolate Rolls and instead of going home empty handed--my mom decided to try another flavor--the dreaded Brazo De Mercedes. Everyone loved it except for me, I guess my tongue was still limited to the idea that everything chocolate is the best. That day is when I lost some of my voting powers. It was like that night Lord Voldemort lost all his powers when he tried to cast the killing curse on Harry. What is with that fluffy golden cake that made everyone impervious of my smiles and even my tears?

Suddenly loosing my charm means I had to be creative otherwise I'd have to endure the sight of them eating Brazo de Mercedes with complete satisfaction while I sulk in the corner pretending not to care. I couldn't bare my brother teasing me while he is taking in his last bite. It was then that I exclaimed with my then 7 year old voice the challenge to get first honors on the next grading period in school in exchange of getting a Chocolate Roll instead of Brazo De Mercedes which was now my mom's personal favorite. I wouldn't say it came easy but I'm proud to say I won the challenge, we got a Chocolate Roll like we used too the next time we stopped by Goldilocks. Ironically, it seemed as though I preferred the color of dirt--the black chocolate rather than the bright gold color of the Brazo De Mercedes for my prize. The promise of the treat after a long and tedious wait made the tastes even more enjoyable and soon what was once a petty challenge developed into some sort of a habit.

I've become a consistent honor student until I graduated. I've broken some school records and set some of my own in various fields like Journalism and History. That went on even when I was already in High School and in fact I was chosen to represent the country as foreign exchange student in the U.S where I graduated from High School.

When I heard the song "One Day In Your Life" today, I was suddenly reminded that next month is my going to be the 6th year death anniversary of my mother. It was her favorite song which I never got too appreciate when she was still alive. Just like those other little things she did for me that when now that I look back, I realize made all the difference to make sure that I could begin to tell you this story with the phrase "I have nothing but great memories of my childhood" . Her death was more of a shock to me more than anyone else and I could say that is one of the turning points of my life. From then on, my life was never the same and it seems that my childhood was a lifetime ago already. I was never good at showing my feelings to people I care for the most and perhaps that is why it was with her that I found it most difficult to express. It was never just about getting the Chocolate Roll every time I get good grades or win a contest. I knew that she would have gotten me those cakes even If I lost the bet. I knew she would have sacrificed her Brazo De Mercedes just so I could have my favorite treat. What makes the cake so much more delicious is that smile in her face whenever I'd tell her...

"Ma, nasaan na iyong Chocolate Roll ko?"

Goldilocks is a treat for all Filipinos in every sense of the word. The epitome of a true success story. No matter how foreign the name may sound, we all know that Goldilocks is proud of her native roots. An institution that has already became a part of our past, present and more certainly our future. A brand that doesn't just offer good food but the Filipino's heart that values the family and our culture. The name that comes first when talking about celebration and success, feast and birthdays, love and gratitude, family and friends.

Goldilocks you're the 1 because memories are made, rekindled and shared around you.

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chikletz said...

napansin ko ang daming gumagawa ng entry about goldilocks. haha! parang binayaran kayong lahat.


Bingkay said...

Oy Marlon! Welkam Bak :)

Masarap talaga yang Goldilocks. Pahingi ha :)

Marlon said...


Hi! uhm, haven't you heard of the blogging contests? it's a good contests, andaming entries. Fun to read iyong mga stories ng tao, somehow it's a story of a generation it seems

Bingkay, Yes! i'm actually back! hehehe I couldn't agree more. Goldilocks is the name. nothing else.

DETH said...

ang ganda...naiyak ako T_T

ako naman magsasabi...


lucas said...

Goldilocks boy ka pala!!! ang fave ko sa Goldilocks yung lumpiang sariwa nila! saraaaap!

A-Z-E-L said...

namiss ko yan :(

kapag may bumabalik dito sa dubai.. lagi kaming nagpapadala ng polvoron ng goldilocks.

galing ng entry.. kakatouch!

Marlon said...

Deth, wow! Salamat! kahit paano ay nagustuhan mo. hehehe ano balita sa sakit mo?

Lucas, uu naman...buong family kapag cake. Goldilocks talaga bakit kaw? I don't eat lumpiang sariwa. I'm not a big fan but yeah that's what they told me too...

AZEL, Yeah..I can imagine kapag malayo ka the first thing you'll miss is the food. Iba talaga ang lasang pinoy and I like polvoron too!

Salamat at na-appreciate ang post.

DETH said...

Okay na...medyo sumusumpong-sumpong pa...contagious ba to? ahahaha

nga pala, nakalimutan ko sabihin...fave ko ang Brazo...yummy:P

The Pope said...

Bahagi na ng kulturang Pilipino ang Goldilocks, sila ang nangunguna sa ating lamesa sa tuwing may mga pagtitipon dahil sa mga espesyal na okasyon sa buhay ng bawat miyembro ng pamilya.

God Bless.

Marlon said...


Brazo? What's with all of you liking brazo? (I'm the weird one I know) Are you all about the color? common. Chocolate roll is plain and simple cake yet that's what makes it even greater because it packs not only the basics of a cake but everything else that makes it stand out. (hahaha serious?)

Yup, contagious yan.

The Pope,

Right, i don't any filipinos alive today wouldn't know what goldilocks is, parang ang ganda tuloy ng thought that when people are happy and in a festive mode we only think of one name and that is GOldilocks.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang cute naman ng picture mo! at wow may medal ka pala..sarap nyang goldilocks talaga. advertisement ba ito?

Marlon said...


Cute pa rin naman ako hanggang ngayon ah? lols! hehehe yup. hindi halata pero marami ako niyan sa bahay. Hindi ko commercial. pero pwede na rin. hehehe


Now i know kung bakit ang daming gumagawa ng Goldilocks entry! hehe.
Masarap nga naman yung lumpia.
Count me in sa brazo. haha

i've added you in my links din. :)

Marlon said...


Naku, bakit kayo ganyan? lahat kayo brazo de mercedes? tama ba naman na pagkaisahan niyo ako? hehehe


beipam said...

uy, matagal na ko di naka kain ng Goldilocks cake ah...maka bili nga... hehe

syempre kahit ako chocolate din!

God Bless!

mark said...

wow! galing nang post,,,


goodluck Poh...

Marlon said...

Pam, ganun? buti naman at pareho pala tayo ng gusto. dalawa na tayong chocolate. hindi na ako nag-iisa. lols!

Mark, salamat sa iyong comment! at sana nga poh ma-consider ang post.

mavs said...

napadaan lang po
nakikibahay-bahay kasi...

chennn said...

welkam back kuya marlon! apir!
ako i love their brownies. yum yum! :)

日月神教-任我行 said...


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