September 7, 2009

City of Angels


Somethings are true whether we believe them or not...

This movie review may be a decade too late but hey, City of Angels is one of those timeless classics so let me share my thoughts on the movie, the metaphors, the quotes and the sad truths behind this simple but very symbolic movie.


I was still too young to understand this movie when I first saw it on T.V. and when I say "too young to understand" I mean it literally. I was about 9 or 10 years old and I was just about in 4th grade at the time and though I already knew how to read and write English at that time, capturing every words and absorbing them was still quite a challenge. I really didn't like the movie and I thought it was pretty boring because I was expecting to see angels--you know those ones with wings and complete package. I was really disappointed that Angels on this movie were nothing but a man who wears the same clothes everyday. The only good thing was that they sometimes hang-out on top of billboards which to me was a very good idea. It was only about a year ago when I've seen it in full that I really got to appreciate how great the movie is. The dialogues, the conversations, the thought-provoking scenes was enough for me to get passed the idea that Seth and the other Angels didn't have wings and that they actually live in the library--not in heaven.

A lot of people considers this movie to be in their top 10 best romantic movies of all time even if it did not end in a happily ever after. Most definitely would prefer the idea that Maggie (Meg Ryan) didn't die in the end but I guess if she hadn't then maybe it wouldn't make the same impact it did to us. If Maggie had lived then we wouldn't have one of the most adored and remembered lines when it comes to love stories..."I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. One." Take note, this was delivered by Nicholas Cage's nice accent.

This is a love story, a very good one indeed but I guess more than that, the writer intended it to have more meaning that Seth sacrificing his immortality. In a way, the movie being somewhat a fantasy-movie provided a symbolic sense to what applies in real life. Personally, I was fascinated with how Angels were described--they have no sense of touch, they can speak all the languages in the world, they don't feel hunger or pain, they spend time in a library , can travel in a speed of thought and most amazingly they can read people's mind. If you consider all this special abilities then you may think what else do you need right? However, that's didn't seem the case not only for Seth but to the other Angels as well. They were naturally curious and even if they can read minds they still are yet to figure us out. You would think they have all the answers but as shown on the movie, it was in fact curiosity that started everything for him. I know pretty well it's all the writer's imagination but I can't help it. These are somethings worth thinking about. Are we naturally not contented of what we have even if it seems like you are in the best of situations? Are we always looking for answers because we want to know if there are better things or is it just that we don't appreciate what we already have? What is it really?


It is not the first time when I've seen this idea of s0-called FREE WILL. The power of choice, the power to decide for yourself and what you want to do with your life. The idea was first presented to me in the movie "Bruce Almighty" wherein Jim Carrey was endowed with God's power and that he could do pretty much anything he wanted but he couldn't interfere with people's free will so no matter what he did, he still wasn't able to force Jennifer Aniston to love him again. I really thought that free will in itself is amazing if we think about it. Like what was said in the movie, it is a gift from God and that even himself cannot interfere with it so as to say that if we end up being completely happy or insanely miserable is all up to us.


On the onset of the movie, Nicholas Cage a.k.a "Seth" was shown sitting next to a very sick child who was about to die. Seth was around because it was his job to accompany her and take her to heaven. Seth who was naturally curious would always asked those people who just died with the question, SO WHAT DID YOU LIKE BEST? The little girl--still being so young and innocent quickly and confidently replied "Pajamas". Of course, I couldn't it so I smiled at her answer but then I also couldn't help but think, what if I'd be be asked the same question? Can I answer as quick or as sure as she did? Can you?


Of course, would I end this post without talking about the one the most important part of the movie if not it's climax--Seth giving up his eternity being an angel to be with Maggie. Yup, that is romantic in every sense and we may never have to make that decision in our life there will be times in our life when we will be prompted to choose between two things. There will be that one moment that you'd have to make a decision so big that you know whatever you choose you're life will never be the same. I'm not sure that I can make that kind of decision now if I will be prompted to or if that time had already passed because I'm not even sure where I am right now but I do hope that when it comes then it would be something I'd never end up regretting. In a way, we'd all have to take the plunge--to hopelessly fall without a clue of what's going to happen but we'd do it anyway.

To end this post I'd like to share this song which I've really liked in the past since the lyrics holds a different meaning for me and so I was surprised to find out it was actually part of the movies' soundtrack which made perfect sense after I've seen the movie.

Verse 1

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now
Verse 2

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am
Verse 3

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything seems like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know your alive


And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am

August 31, 2009

Blagging vs Blogging


Blagging-noun; a term that describes an original form of writing meant to embarrass oneself due to
lack of mental capacity to understand the difference between writing and merely typing random letters on a keyboard forming words and sentences that makes no sense to the majority; a comedic form of writing which is often a product of one-sided, imbalance, inexperienced and close-minded thoughts; an easy-ticket to instant stardom by means of pathetic--often stupid means.

-a term that everyone should thank Arvin for because he invented this type of "blogging or writing" with seemingly no effort at all.

Paunawa: Ang kuwento pong ito ay mula lang sa isang mapaglarong imahinasyon ng may akda. Katulad ng mga iba pa niyang naisulat. Hindi po niya intensyon na makasakit ng mambabasa.

Mukhang Pera
Ni: Arvin U. de la Peña

Dati akong OFW. Nagtrabaho ako sa Taiwan at sa Saudi. Sa Taiwan ay isa akong factory worker. Ang hirap ng trabaho ko doon pero kinaya ko dahil kailangan ng pera. Sa Saudi naman ay isa akong welder. Masyado ring mahigpit doon. Nakakatakot kapag mahuli ka ng motawa dahil mayroon kang ginawa na di maganda. Sa aking isip at sa mga naging kasamahan ko sa trabaho ay sinasabi talaga na pera ang hanap kung bakit gustong maging OFW. Pera talaga at wala ng iba.

Tandang-tanda ko pa ang sinabi ng kaibigan kong si Jayjay noong nasa Saudi pa ako. Ang mga OFW daw ay mukhang pera. Makakapal raw talaga ang mukha katulad ng sa dinasaur. Nang sabihin niya iyon sa akin ay tinanong ko siya. "bakit nasabi mo iyon pare". Ang naging sagot niya "tingnan mo na lang iyong mga tao na caregiver dito sa ibang bansa. Doon sa pilipinas ay halos mandiri sila sa paghugas ng puwet na may dumi/tae. Kahit mahal nila sa buhay ang kailangan punasan ay asiwa silang gawin iyon. Lalo na iyong sa mga lolo at lola nila. Minsan sa isang pamilya ay nagkakasagutan pa sila kung sino ang pupunas ng puwet ng isang miyembro ng pamilya na nakahiga na lang at halos wala ng silbi. Ang iba naman na pinagsisilbihan na lang ay pinagtitiyagaan na lang lalo na kapag bawat buwan ay may pensyon na dumadating doon sa tao na iyon. Siyempre bibigyan ng pera kapag inabot ng buwanang pensyon.

Sagot ko naman sa kanya ay tama ka pare. May punto ang sinasabi mo. Sabi niya naman sa akin "oo nga pare dahil iyon talaga ang totoo". Dungtong pa niya, "ang mga caregiver dito sa ibang bansa basta para sa pera ay gagawin talaga ang lahat magkapera lang para sakali ang iba ay ipadala sa kanilang pamilya sa ating bansa. Pinagsisilbihan nila ng mabuti ang mga matatanda. Kung doon sa pilipinas ay parang nandidiri sila na magsilbi ng matanda, dito sa ibang bansa ay excited sila dahil may katumbas na pera.

Oo nga ano?, iyon ang nasabi ko sa kanya. Dugtong pa niya "ang mga babae na caregiver dito sa ibang bansa noong nandoon pa sila sa pilipinas ang iba ay ayaw humawak o kaya sumubo ng ari ng kanilang boyfriend. Halos nandidiri ang iba. Magkapareho pa nga ang edad nila na magkasintahan o kaya ay di malayo ang agwat ng edad. Pero kapag narito na sila sa ibang bansa bilang caregiver ay kapag sinabi ng kanilang amo na imasturbate sila at bibigyan ng pera ay pumapayag. Ang iba pa nga nakikipag sex. Tingnan mo mayroon ng ganyan na sex scandal ng mga caregiver. Makita iyan pare sa mga porn site sa internet. Katulad ng mga nurse na kapag ang pasyente ay nahihirapan na patigasin ang kanyang ari ay hinahawakan ng nurse at minamasturbate para kapag tumigas na ay may ipasok sa butas ng ari dahil kailangan para siya magamot. Walang pag-aalinlangan na ginagawa nila iyan dahil sa pera. Tinanong ko siya, "paano mo naman nalaman na ginagawa iyon ng nurse". Ang sagot niya "eh ang auntie ko ay nurse at naikuwento niya iyon sa akin".

Sa madaling salita talaga pare sabi pa niya sa akin, "mukhang pera talaga ang mga OFW. Sila iyong mga tao na hindi kuntento sa kung ano mayroon sila doon sa pilipinas. Naghahanap ng karangyaan sa buhay. Hindi naman nila madadala ang yaman sakali na pumanaw man sila. Sa lahat ang pinakamasakit ay kung nagtratrabaho nag sa ibang bansa pero ang kanilang asawa ay may kalaguyo. Habang sila ay nagpapakahirap magtrabaho dito sa ibang bansa ay nagpapasarap naman ang kanilang asawa.

Sa sinabi niyang iyon sa akin ay sinagot ko rin siya. "Oo nga pare mayroon ngang ganun. Sila iyong mga OFW na hindi naging tapat sa kanilang asawa. Pero tama rin lang naman ganun ang gawin ng kanilang asawa dahil dito sa ibang bansa naman ang mga OFW lalo na kapag lalaki ay nakikipagrelasyon sa iba para lang makaraos sa pangungulili sa asawa. Doon ay sumang-ayon din siya sa sinabi ko. Sagot niya, "oo nga pare tama ka dahil tayo nga na may asawa na pero nakikipagrelasyon pa dito. Halakhakan kaming dalawa dahil pareho kaming may karelasyon. Mukha nga tayong mga pera pare. Halakhakan uli kami.

Ang ikinabigla ko ay ng sabihin niya na "alam mo pare natatawa ako kapag ang ibang politiko doon sa ating bansa sa pilipinas ay masyadong nagrereact kapag nalaman o nakita sa TV na ang OFW ay nilalait ng kanilang amo. Sinabihan ng di maganda na sa tingin nila ay insulto sa mga OFW. Eh pare tama lang naman na gawin iyon ng kanilang amo dahil may suweldo naman sila. Paano na lang kung mali-mali o mayroon di magandang ginagawa ang katulong. Pababayaan na lamang ba? Dapat talaga na kunsintihin.Para sa akin ay ayos lang iyan. Eh sa pilipinas ang mga politiko na iyan baka nga inaapi rin nila ang kanilang katulong o kaya sinasabihan ng di maganda. Alam mo naman karamihan sa mga politiko sa ating bansa ay mainit ang ulo. Nagpapapogi points lang talaga para sila ay maalala ng mga botante kapag halalan na. Iyon ang para sa akin ay dahilan bakit gumaganun sila. Para rin mapag-usapan. Kung ayaw nilang laitin eh di huwag silang magtrabo bilang katulong.

Sang-ayon ako sa sinabi mong iyan pare, matulog na tayo. Iyon ang nasabi ko sa kanya. Gabi kasi ng mag-usap kami. At sa pagtulog ko sinabi ko na pagkatapos ng kontrata ko ay uuwi na ako at di na uli mag aapply para sa ibang bansa. Mas gugustuhin ko na kapiling ang aking asawa at mga anak kaysa malayo ako sa kanila pero nangungulila. Kaya rin naman namin mabuhay kahit doon lang sa pilipinas magtrabaho. Maging kuntento na lang sa kung ano ang buhay doon. Sabi pa niya may pera naman sa ating bansa. Bakit naghahanap pa sa ibang bansa. Mukha talagang pera ang mga tao na gustong maging OFW. Sagot ko naman sa ay "tama ka pare sa sinabi mo. Nagnanais talaga na makapangibang bansa dahil sa pera. Pera lang talaga ang dahilan. May mga pinay pa nga na nakikipag chat sa mga taga ibang bansa. Para kapag maging asawa na ay may pera na. Kahit pa masyadong matanda sa kanila ay pinapatulan na rin para lang magkapera". Tayo nga pare mga mukhang pera din. Tawa uli kaming dalawa.

Nang matapos ang kontrata ko at uuwi na ay inihatid pa ako ni Jayjay sa airport. Sinabi niya sa akin na pagkatapos rin ng kontrata niya ay uuwi na rin siya at di na mangibang bansa. Doon na lang siya maninirahan at magtrabaho kasama ang kanyang pamilya. Sinabi pa niya na pagbalik niya ay umaasa siya na muli kaming magkikita." Walang problema pare, magkita tayo pag-uwi mo", iyon ang sabi ko sa kanya.

Habang sakay na ako ng eroplano pauwi ay napansin ko na ang ibang mga pasahero ay masaya at ang iba naman ay malungkot. Siguro ay masaya dahil may pera na mula sa pinaghirapan at makakapiling na uli ang kanilang mahal sa buhay. Siguro ay malungkot dahil uuwi na wala masyadong pera at naging baon pa sa utang ang kanyang pamilya dahil sa kanyang pag-alis papuntang ibang bansa. Ang iba kasi ay may sinasangla na property nila o kaya ay nangungutang para makaalis ng ibang bansa sa pag-aakala na maaahon sa kahirapan ang pamilya pero nagkamali dahil lalo pang naghirap dahil umuwi agad dahil hindi nagustuhan ang ugali ng kanilang amo. Suwertihan lang talaga ang pagiging isang OFW, kahit pa sinabi ni Jayjay na mukhang pera ang mga OFW. Kayod marino magkaroon lang ng pera.

Sa pag-uwi ko na sa amin ay sinalubong ako ng aking asawa at anak na limang taong gulang. Sabay kaming kumain ng paborito kong ulam na kalderita na baka at nilagang manok na mayroon pang isang napakalamig na coke. Sa refrigerator naman ay may mga san miguel beer na malamig talaga. Habang kumakain ay sinabi ko na dito na lang ako sa pilipinas maghahanap ng trabaho.

Sa ngayon ay isa akong office staff sa opisina ng gobernador sa aming lugar. At minsan naiisip ko talagang totoo ang naging kuwentuhan namin ni Jayjay. Dahil kahit napakahirap na trabaho ay kinakaya ng mga OFW para lang magkaroon ng pera. Mukhang pera talaga. Katulad ko minsan na naging mukhang pera dahil naging OFW. Pero ngayon ay hindi na. Ayoko ng maging kasali sa mga magsasabi katulad ni Jayjay o kahit ako noong nasa Saudi pa na ang OFW ay mukhang pera.

Hinihintay ko ang pag-uwi ni Jayjay para kami ay mag-inuman. Hinihintay ko ang pagsasabihan namin ng Tagay Na!

I am an average, reasonable person. I named my blog "Perspektib" for I believe that when it comes to opinions there is no such thing as right or wrong--only that their different. A person thoughts, ideas and perspective is influenced by various things ranging from their educational background, cultural aspects, personal values and religious beliefs which I personally think is an awesome thing because that brings about diversity--differences that makes us who we are. I have been quiet for awhile, I haven't been updating my blog but I'd always make it a point that I visit a blog or two a day to catch up on things and unfortunately because of that I can also hear about bad things happening in the blogosphere. I'd often keep myself out of trouble if I can avoid it but I know that I can't be at peace with myself if I remain silent either. I just had to do this post not for anybody else but for myself. I was once an "Ex-pat" who was able to experience first hand what kind of life our Kababayans abroad are going through. I have once attempted to write and share that experience before but I wasn't able to because I am incapable of describing it in words.

I am to look at Arvin and analyze his personality based on what he wrote then I can't help but wonder what kind of life he's had. Was he only exposed to a one-sided superficial aspect of things?

I am a self-proclaimed writer myself and though I haven't written to "Bagong Sibol" on Pilipino Star Ngayon" and have one of my works published on that so called medium for "talented writers", I can very well distinguish good writing from not. If achievements are of any importance on this subject then let me tell you beforehand not to go that way or you will further make a fool of yourself. Well, I guess even non-writers can figure that out by themselves. One doesn't need to be an expert in understanding a writers/blogger purpose upon reading an article.

Mapaglarong Imahinasyon? Is that what you call it? This is plain and simple. What you wrote is insulting disregarding the fact that most if not all of the examples you have provided are facts and are indeed happening in real-life. It is insulting to all OFW's, their families and to all Filipinos. Are you that dumb not to realize that what you wrote is bound to hurt a lot of people? If you never intended to hurt other people then you never would have pushed that publish button. The title in itself is insulting already "Mukhang Pera?" Tell us, did you really not mean to hurt anybody?

I work in a call center though it's not really what I want to do in life if we are going to talk about career plans, I get by everyday providing customer service to foreigners who sometimes looks down on us, insults us in every manner possible but we still smile and gladly answers their call whenever we hear that beep from our ears. Why don't we say anything back? Why don't we tell them they are the dumb asses for not knowing how to text message or even turn their phones on? Is it because of the considerably higher salary we get? Is that why I don't answer back? YES, that's true I get paid for being silent and patient with customer's who swears at you like there is no tomorrow. Does that make me "Mukhang Pera" for allowing myself to be treated that way? I SAY NO. I get paid not to be cussed at but to provide help and do "customer service". I don't let them cuss at me like crazy because it's true, I simply understand they are frustrated, Isn't that the very reason why they are calling us? to get help and to solve their problems? I don't stay at work because I love getting all the customer's frustration, I stay because I love to hear them say Thank YOU after fixing the problem they were so mad about. That's my JOB and people get paid for doing their jobs regardless what that is. Is it right to say an OFW nurse is "mukhang pera" because they wipe somebody else' asses? It's their job as a nurse, every nurse does that not just "Filipino Nurse or Caregiver". Mahirap ba intindihin ang ibig sabihin ng caregiver?

Well, I guess it hard to understand when you don't have a job yourself.

I could go on trying to explain to the writer of that article the true meaning of what he wrote but I think it's futile considering he may have written all this on purpose. I don't know you Arvin and it's totally unfair for me to judge you as a person but what you have shown so far in the blogosphere is more than enough indication of an unstable, unreasonable and an irresponsible person.

If you would insist on being a writer then be at least one. You see, typing and writing are two totally different things.

Also, let me take this opportunity to thank Ka-Blogs for these awards: I was supposed to write a Thank you post but this thing came up so nawala na ako sa mood. Salamat talaga kahit hindi akon nakatulong as much as I hope I could. Pansin niyo naman busy si Mr. Perspektib. I'd post this to may sidebar along with all the other awards kapag may time ako mag-renovate ng blog.

August 1, 2009

The Missing Link


Ala, halos isang buwan na rin pala ulit mula ng huli akong mag-post dito sa aking blog. Bakit nga ba parang missing-in-action ako lagi? May tag pala ako from Pam at may award from Ka-Blogs wala man lang akong kamalay-malay. 84 in-all na pala ang members ng Pinoy Cute Bloggers at higit sa lahat may bago na namang "something" sa blogosphere? Ang hindi lang ata nagbago eh iyong ka-kyutan ko?

Aktwali, hindi naman ako totally nawawala sa blogosphere dahil kahit papaano ay nagagawa ko naman masingit ma-check man lang ang blog ko at minsan kapag may sobrang oras at hindi pa ako masyado inaantok ay napapadaan at sumisilip naman ako sa inyong mga pahina. In fact, kailan lang eh naka-attend na ako sa kauna-unahan kong bloggers event na wala naman talaga akong plano puntahan kung hindi lang dahil sa ate ko na gustong-gusto makita si Dingdong Dantes. (Congrats nga pala sa winners ng Nuffnang/Goldilucks You're the 1 contest) I-deny ko sanang nagpunta ako doon kaso may nakakita daw sa akin sa T.V. kaya wala akong lusot. Pero no joke, it was a good event over-all at kung ganito ang mga bloggers event eh hindi ako mag-aatubili na pumunta ulit kahit hindi ako natulog sa buong araw na iyon.

So asan na iyong PICTURES?

Sorry po, sa sobrang excitement ni Ate ko ay nadala niya iyong charger ng camera, iyong battery pero naiwan niya iyong actual camera. Ang galing diba? Pero siguro talagang sinadya iyon ng tadhana kasi kapag ipinagtabi nga naman kami ni Dingdong sa litrato eh baka malito kayo kung sino iyong artista sa aming dalawa.

Tama na, hindi ako nanalo ng laptop kaya tama na iyong exposure nila sa blog ko. (bitter hehehe)

Limitado na ang oras ko sa pag-blog ngayon dahil sa trabaho at ilang extra-curricular activities pero hindi ibig sabihin noon ay mawawala na ako dito. Sabihin na lang natin naghahanda lang ako sa isang surprise.

Nahihirapan kasi ako mag-update at mag-sulat ng sa tuwing umuuwi ako ng bahay, masyadong mainit na ang panahon at natutunaw ang utak ko, kahit ilang kape ang tirahin ko sa trabaho eh talagang antok pa rin ako pag-uwi at kahit willing naman ako i-sacrifice ang ilang oras sa halos 10 hours kung tulog araw-araw eh siguro hindi pa ako ganoon kahanda iwan ang higaan ko.

Uhm, madaming chismis at gulo sa blogosphere? Buti na lang wala ako sa tuwing nangyayari ang mga ito tulad na lang ng narinig kong isyu noon sa mga kababayan nating OFW at ngayon naman ay ang kwento ni "anonymous" na kilala naman nating lahat kung sino. Limited pa lamang ang aking nakalap at kung pwede lang sana hindi ko na malaman iyong buong detalye sapagkat hindi ko mapapangakong mananatili akong mabait. I didn't blog to get myself into these kind of things but I won't remain silent lalo't alam kong may mali.

Weekends at marami akong oras ngayon dahil wala akong extra-curricular activity so eto na ako...hop! hop! hop!

July 23, 2009

Ordinary People


We're just ordinary people,
We don't know which way to go" -John Legend

I think it's more than just a severe case of last song syndrome, I've been singing this song (actually more like trying) for how many days now and maybe because more than just the fancy piano playing and the awesome vocals of John Legend--is the grand idea that no matter how much we'd like to believe in ourselves, is the fact that there will always be moment when all of us would be just like everyone else--ordinary people.

We are naturally vulnerable, imperfect, emotional, confused and most of the time clueless. Maybe that is why superhuman or superheroes appeal to us that much because we'd love to hold to the slightest thought that we can be super. Not in a sense that we can pick up tanks and throw them away when were mad or fly way above the clouds to escape our normal life but the mere idea of having a sense of control. We are smart and to some extent yes--we can control our life. Some people go around this by having a plan, we make decisions that would affect not just yourself but people around you, we look forward and invest our time to have a better chance in surviving whatever comes our way, but at the end of the day after all the planning and anticipation, just a simple twist of fate and you're as good as dead. On the other end of the spectrum, some people choose to not have a plan. There are those people who gets up in the morning waiting to be just blown away when destiny makes it move. Ironically, this kind of carefree outlook in life can only end in two ways--you either lived a full life with no regrets or the complete opposite.

On the context of this song and love per se is where I believe it's most evident how fragile we really are. It's when we think we are at our best and invincible when we are in fact the weakest. Our happiness completely dependent on the other person that feel the full load of pain when everything falls apart. Six billion people on the planet and yet there is no two individuals that are exactly like the other and people who are in relationship are bound to have their differences exposed one way or the other--fueled with emotions and pride and even love doesn't stand a chance. This song is generally sad however that's not the reason why I liked it. Looking on the positive side, after each fight and storms we are always left with a choice.

We have the choice either to
move on and leave everything behind or to move forward and start over.

Note: This post does not reflect the feeling of the blogger while writing it.(Just in case anybody asks). Though, I can't say I'm happy I am not in any way sad as well. I guess a simple "I'm ok" would say everything. Last song syndrome lang talaga. Medyo matagal na ako walang update kaya eto isang quick post.

July 14, 2009

You're The 1, Goldilocks!


"One day in your life, you'll remember a place...someone touching your face, you'll come back and look around"

-One Day in Your Life Michael Jackson

I guess glancing through old photos on a rainy afternoon with that song playing on the background is all took for me to act on this impulse to write this post. After all, I've been feeling a bit sentimental these past few days perhaps because I know that "one day" in my life is once again drawing near.

I have nothing but great memories of my childhood and if there is one person whom I know I should be thanking right now--it's my mom. I am the "bunso" in the family and was often the object of jealousy from my "Ate" and "Kuya" because I was a "Mama's Boy". I guess it can't be helped given that I was different, maybe she felt that I needed the attention more than my older siblings who were 7 and 9 years old already when I was born. Also, I think the fact that I grew little over the years played in my favor because even at my early teens I was still as young looking and as hugggable as I was when I was 7 years old.

Being the favorite in the family, decisions are often made in my favor. From simple things like what to have for dinner, what to watch on T.V, what movie to rent, flavors of ice cream to buy and of course which cake to get from Goldilocks. In fact, we were consistent in buying only the chocolate rolls whenever there is special occasion or just a simple thirsts for sweets in the family. However, all that changed when one day, the Goldilocks in Sta, Ana Manila for some reason didn't have Chocolate Rolls and instead of going home empty handed--my mom decided to try another flavor--the dreaded Brazo De Mercedes. Everyone loved it except for me, I guess my tongue was still limited to the idea that everything chocolate is the best. That day is when I lost some of my voting powers. It was like that night Lord Voldemort lost all his powers when he tried to cast the killing curse on Harry. What is with that fluffy golden cake that made everyone impervious of my smiles and even my tears?

Suddenly loosing my charm means I had to be creative otherwise I'd have to endure the sight of them eating Brazo de Mercedes with complete satisfaction while I sulk in the corner pretending not to care. I couldn't bare my brother teasing me while he is taking in his last bite. It was then that I exclaimed with my then 7 year old voice the challenge to get first honors on the next grading period in school in exchange of getting a Chocolate Roll instead of Brazo De Mercedes which was now my mom's personal favorite. I wouldn't say it came easy but I'm proud to say I won the challenge, we got a Chocolate Roll like we used too the next time we stopped by Goldilocks. Ironically, it seemed as though I preferred the color of dirt--the black chocolate rather than the bright gold color of the Brazo De Mercedes for my prize. The promise of the treat after a long and tedious wait made the tastes even more enjoyable and soon what was once a petty challenge developed into some sort of a habit.

I've become a consistent honor student until I graduated. I've broken some school records and set some of my own in various fields like Journalism and History. That went on even when I was already in High School and in fact I was chosen to represent the country as foreign exchange student in the U.S where I graduated from High School.

When I heard the song "One Day In Your Life" today, I was suddenly reminded that next month is my going to be the 6th year death anniversary of my mother. It was her favorite song which I never got too appreciate when she was still alive. Just like those other little things she did for me that when now that I look back, I realize made all the difference to make sure that I could begin to tell you this story with the phrase "I have nothing but great memories of my childhood" . Her death was more of a shock to me more than anyone else and I could say that is one of the turning points of my life. From then on, my life was never the same and it seems that my childhood was a lifetime ago already. I was never good at showing my feelings to people I care for the most and perhaps that is why it was with her that I found it most difficult to express. It was never just about getting the Chocolate Roll every time I get good grades or win a contest. I knew that she would have gotten me those cakes even If I lost the bet. I knew she would have sacrificed her Brazo De Mercedes just so I could have my favorite treat. What makes the cake so much more delicious is that smile in her face whenever I'd tell her...

"Ma, nasaan na iyong Chocolate Roll ko?"

Goldilocks is a treat for all Filipinos in every sense of the word. The epitome of a true success story. No matter how foreign the name may sound, we all know that Goldilocks is proud of her native roots. An institution that has already became a part of our past, present and more certainly our future. A brand that doesn't just offer good food but the Filipino's heart that values the family and our culture. The name that comes first when talking about celebration and success, feast and birthdays, love and gratitude, family and friends.

Goldilocks you're the 1 because memories are made, rekindled and shared around you.

July 11, 2009



Starting over--if you read my previous post which is already a month old (thanks to Smartbro), you'd know that's what I talked about. Finally, I was able to get back on my feet and move forward after being stagnant doing what I'd like to call soul-searching. Over six months of doing nothing--I realized that whatever that is that I'm looking for won't come so I had to go out--not necessarily to search for it but perhaps to just open up possibilities.

Hindi naman kami close ni tadhana pero hindi ko maintindihan bakit parating ako na lang iyong napapag-tripan niya? Alam kong kyut ako, pero hindi naman siguro sapat na dahilan iyon para ako na lang lagi ang napapansin niya.

Unang araw ng training, nagpakilala kaming lahat sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng isang short self-description. Bagama't alam naman nating lahat na hindi sapat ang ilang minutong pagpapakilala sa sarili upang malaman natin ang mga bagay tungkol sa isang tao at masabi nating kilala na natin sila ay sapat na ang ilang sandaling iyon para makuha ang aking atensyon ng isa sa aking mga ka-wavemates.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero sobrang ganoon na lang ang aking naging interes sa kanyang karakter, isa siyang registered nurse na sa edad na 24 ayon sa kanya ay isa pa ring NBSB dahil noong medyo bata pa siya ay inakala niyang mas interes niya ang kapwa niya babae. Madali mo naman itong makikita sa kanyang pananamit dahil iba ito sa pang-karaniwang babae, hindi damit lalaki pero mapapansin mong naiiba ito sa karaniwang pananamit ng mga babaeng nasa edad niya. Maganda siya ngunit hindi ito kaagad mapapansin dahil sa palagi siyang may suot na salamin. Hindi naman sa pagiging stereotype--pero karaniwan sa hindi, alam natin na ang may salamin ay mahilig magbasa, matalino at well-versed kung iyong kakausapin at ito nga ang kaso sa kanya, bukod pa doon sa aking tahimik na pagmamasid ay nakita kong masayahin at mabait na tao, patunay na rito ang dami ng kanyang kaibigan kahit sa maikling panahon pa lamang ng training. Higit sa lahat, masaya ako sa tuwing nakikita ko siya at nakakausap na nagagawa ko lang kapag may ibang tao sa paligid dahil isa po akong TORPEDO. Akala ko nagbago na ako mula ng unang tumibok ang puso ko noong high-school dahil hindi naman mahirap sa aking ang maging madaling makagaananng loob ng mga babae, pero ngayon ko lang napagtanto na iba pa rin talaga ang tinatawag na "THE REAL THING".
Experience taught me that when someone like this comes along, they normally don't stay for long and if they do, they stay not because of me--I just happen to be there. I can't help but feel that she's too good for me. If you've read my some of my older posts, you'd know why and I--at this point of my life is clearly not at the best situation to get into something that can complicate things more. Though, I'm normally the type of person who doesn't leave things to chance because I hate wondering and asking myself "What if's.", I, this time however, decided not to entertain the feeling. I tried avoiding her as much as I can while at the same time trying to make the most out of the 1 month training. It's as ironic as it sounds, because I always come to work early--at least an hour early because I know she's going to be there but then I'd never really talk to her when we were alone, maybe not so much because we don't have anything to talk about or maybe because i was avoiding it, maybe it's just because I can't. In fact, I had wished that we won't be on the same team when they split our group because It would be harder for me to not completely fall for her.

Everything was going according to plan, except for the fact that I often text her nonsense things, (yeah, that's me I avoiding her, texting.) We were assigned teams, and we don't belong on the same group. I got what I wished for but I can't tell you that I'm happy about it either. I always knew it was going to be like that, it's fine because I'll still see her around anyway but then on the 3rd day of our last week on training, she told me as soon as I saw her early before the shift that she's going to resign to study for the NCLEX or whatever they call that board exam for nurses so she can work in the U.S. Then it hit me, did I make the right decision to be silent? To avoid her? Now that I only have to days to spend with her--actually not really spend with her but just to see her. Should I tell her? How can a story end when it haven't even started? I had no idea that day was going to be the last time I was going to see her, It was only when I got home when I realized that I should tell her, not that I expect her to say anything or that I have any agenda, I just feel like I should let it out of my system but just like that. She's gone.

I've always wanted to believe that destiny--for whatever it's worth allows things to happen for whatever that damn reason is. Everything happens for a reason, I've been told that many times and I admit to have said it to some people I know hoping that somehow that can make them feel better. Maybe, they do happen for a reason--finding out that reason or accepting them is however, an entirely different story.

Writing about how terrible I've been feeling these past few days because of this short story of mine isn't exactly the come back post I had in mind especially after I specifically wrote on my last post that I'm no longer depressed and that I'm looking forward to starting over. Nonetheless, It's still a post and yes, I'm back.

May 29, 2009

The Season Finale'


I just watched Greys Anatomy's Season Finale for the 3rd time, and still I'm in shocked how it ended. It's exactly like what Meredith Grey narrated on the onset of the episode..."When things begin, we generally have no idea how it will end" and that was true enough because i was as surprised as her when she found out that guy who jumped in front of bus to save a complete stranger was George O'Malley.

Alright, I know not all of you watch the show and maybe some don't even know what I'm talking about. I'm not really into any kind of T.V show series myself except Anime's and the only reason why I watched the show at first is because it's something about medicine so I figured If I watched it, then maybe it's something I can talk about with this girl I really liked in the past who just graduated and is now reviewing for the Nursing Board exam, pretty much like when I learned to play the guitar because my first love wanted to learn it and so I figured if I knew how to play it myself--then maybe I can teach her . Both efforts proved to be useless but I've learned to love both things so I have no regrets.

Am I out of topic already? Not really, in fact both occasions are examples of how different actual endings can be from our expectations. We should know, that "different" is not necessarily bad--sometimes different is actually better. Just imagine if we already know that Manny Pacquaio will lose with a lucky punch from the opponent prior to watching it, wouldn't we all just be waiting for the lucky punch to come instead of being surprised that the seemingly unbeatable Pacman was defeated? Imagine if you knew beforehand that you will win the Lotto Mega Jackpot prior to placing your bet, do you think you would still jump as high and shout as hard when you see the numbers drawn on TV?

Where am I going?

I started blogging just 6 months ago. I started blogging because I was very down at the time. I had to leave the house I've been in since I was a kid so I could grow up. I had to leave the job I enjoyed doing so I can take a much needed rest to spare my soul that was already very tired . I had to be away from friends who's always been around so I could have that space I needed. I've been depressed since the minute I started blogging but I somehow managed not to show it that often in my post. Blogging has helped me through. What started as simple "write to forget and be busy, do something scheme" has become incredibly beneficial. It's one of things that I started doing but was totally surprised on how things have turned out.


In a way, my 6th month of blogging marks the end of a phase in my life. I'm no longer depressed.On Monday, I'm off to start over with a new schedule, a new job location and a new account to handle. I guess that's how it should be when you plan on starting over. This is as close as I can get to having new clean slate so I'd better make the most of it. I'm happy to also announce that just on my 6th month of blogging--my site Perspektib is now officially PageRank 3 thanks to all for your support. There's a big possibility that I won't be around as much but I'd try to be always present to check on all of you guys. I'm even planning to start a new blogging contests to keep me from being totally absent. This post is my SEASON FINALE' and as I start a new season--THE PINOY CUTE BLOGGER OF THE MONTH CONTEST will be launched.

See you all around and also may I ask for your support on the following.

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May 27, 2009

An Ex-Expat's Story


The idea that he'd be away from home for an entire year didn't even hit him until he found himself in the middle of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport surrounded by what seemed like black and white colored giants. He was only 17 yrs. old and the longest he's been away alone in the past was just a week. He was literally just a kid when he left, but a only a year later he returned as man.

One night he woke up in the middle of dream--a dream in English instead of his native tongue Filipino. This isn't surprising considering that he hasn't spoken a word in Filipino since that flight from Washington D.C to his host state Michigan. He was the only Filipino exchange student in the entire state, in the school there were Filipino's but none of them knew how to speak the language so that didn't help much. Soon after, snow begun to fall and Christmas time was just around the corner, he was awed by the beautiful snow around but due to that he caught this thing called--homesickness. It's disease meant to be caught by anyone who's far away from the home we are used to. It's a terrible disease that we Filipino's are more susceptible to because we are those who are often away from home. With little or no options at all, we leave our families and our present lives behind for the future's sake.

Isang taon lamang ang naging stay ko sa America, at sa loob ng isang taong iyon tatlong beses lang ako naka-encounter ng Pinoy ngunit ang tatlong pagkakataon na iyon ay higit ng halimbawa para sa iba't-ibang kapalaran ng Pinoy OFW. Wala na akong iba pang mas maisip na mas mabuting paraan upang matutunan ko ang karanasan ng ating mga kapwa Pinoy kung hindi ang marinig mismo ito mula sa kanilang bibig at dahil sa kanilang mga kwento at ang pansarili kong karanasan hindi man kasing bigat ng kanila dahil ako ay isang estudyante ay sapat ng dahilan para suportahan ko ang anu man layunin na makakapag-pabuti, o makakatulong sa mga Pinoy Expats/OFW.

I started this post hoping I could come up with the right words to share those stories, but i couldn't. I still couldn't write about it. It's just a sad story that I wish it ended differently.

Naku..napaka-random ng post, at napaka-random ng paragraphs pero isa lang naman ang nais ko talagang iparating sa post na ito at ito ay ang paghingi ng suporta sa Ka-Blogs. Blogging is an excellent way for expats/ofw's to help them cope with homesickness. Even small efforts like this makes so much difference. Suportahan natin ang Ka-Blogs, ang mga OFW/EXPAT bloggers sa blogosphere. Expect to see great things coming from the Ka-Blog Team na binubuo ng mga magagaling, dedikado at talented na bloggers. Isama mo pa ang ka-kyutan ko, so wala ng dahilan para hindi ka pa maging involved.

May 26, 2009



Medyo naging busy ang ka-kyutan ko these past few days kaya naman hindi ako nakakabisita ng ibang blog masyado at hindi rin ako mismo nakakagawa ng post pero in-between takes sa taping (Taping=transfer of work location, NBI Renewal at RDO change and soon medical exam.) ko ay paminsan-minsan ko rin nasisingit ang pagbisita ko sa sarili kong blog upang basahina ng mensahe ng mga dumadalaw. Nais kong pasalamatan si RHODEY at TONIO para sa AWARDS at kay JASONIZERS na nagbigay ng kakaibang ngiti sa aking mga labi.

Una, Rhodey... maraming salamat sa iyong MY FAVORITE BLOG AWARD. Simple lang naman ang rules/criteria para sa Award na ito.

1. dapat lagi mong binibisita ang kanyang pahina,
2. inform mong meron siyang tag/award sa pahina mo,
3. acknowledge mo kung sinong nagbigay sa iyo.
4. pwede mong ibigay sa kung ilang blog na mahal mo, malapit sa puso mo, o kaya ay paborito mo.
5. Lagyan mo na rin nang link.

Kay Pareng Tonio, para sa kanyang "Blog na may Award" Award. Salamat sa iyong award na ito at natutuwa naman akong nasama sa mga blogger na iyong binigyan nito. (Sino ba talaga kamukha ko?)

Pero bukod sa mga nasabing awards, meron pang isang bagay ang naging dahilan ng isang magandang ngiti sa aking mukhang. Tipong inis/tuwa/tawang ngiti pero sa huli, wala na akong ibang masabi maliban sa salamat. Alam naman ng karamihan na maliban sa ka-kyutan ko, isa sa mga dahilan bakit ako nabibista ng mga blogero ay dahil sa cute bloggers Id tulad nitong larawan na may titulong Exhibit A.


Kapag pinindot mo ang imahe, eh dadalhin ka nito sa iba pang cute bloggers ID na aking katha tulad ng kapareho nitong larawan sa aking sidebar. Maliban doon, makikita mo rin ang ibang cute ID's sa kapag pinindot mo ang "Meet the blogger" link sa aking header. Nakakatuwa at patuloy pa rin ang pag-request ng mga tao dito at higit pang dumarami ang bloggers na meron nito sa kanilang pahina. Hindi naman kasi ito mahirap makuha, utuin mo lang ako ng unti meron ka na nian kaya naman nagulat ako ng makita ko itong larawan na tatawagin nating EXHIBIT B.


Kitang-kita ang pinagkaiba ng EXHIBIT A sa EXHIBIT B. Una sa lahat, mapapansin mong di-hamak na mas matingkad at buhay ang kulay ng EXHIBIT A sa EXHIBIT B. Ikalawa, kapansin-pansin rin ang linis ng pagkakagawa ng original ID sa pirated version nito. Makikita rin na tulad ng isang piratang DVD, mali ang format ng nasabing EXHIBIT B sa EXHIBIT A. Kumbaga, sa pabalat ng DVD ang bida ay si John Lloyd Cruz at Bea Alonzo, ngunit pag-uwi sa bahay ang toto palang laman nito ay ang PIDO DIDA ni Rene Requiestas at Kris Aquino. Higit sa lahat, wala naman ang maaring magkaila na di-hamak na mas cute ang lalaki sa EXHIBIT A sa EXHIBIT B. (Ay, eto foul na. lols!)

Agad ko naman kinausap si Jasonizers ukol sa nasabing usapin at naniniwala naman akong hindi niya lang talaga alam na pwede pa lang mag-request sa ID at ako ang tamang tao para dito. Matapos ang dalawang minuto at kalahati na pagkainis ko ng makita ko ang Pirated version ng ID ay agad ko rin naman na-realize na dapat pa nga akong matuwa dahil isa lang itong patunay na maraming na-kyutan sa aking munting katha para sa lahat ng blogerong magnanais nito.

Para sa kumpletong process paano kumuha ng original at certified cute blogger ID. I-click lang ang ID ko sa sidebar at ang header para makakuha ng ID. Ang ID ay tinatanggap sa lahat ng establishments sa buong universe kaya...APPLY NA!

May 20, 2009

Moral of the Story


Lumabas na nga pala ang bagong libro ni pareng Bob Ong. Kapitan Sino gusto na kita makilala. Sana may mag-introduce sa aming dalawa. Showing na rin ang Angels and Demons. Hindi ko pa napapanood, paano ba naman iyong mga manlilibre sa akin eh nagpapakipot pa. Iyong iba naman kelangan may kapalit, virgin pa ako kaya ayoko.

Long silence....

ayon, hindi na. So aun. May ticket na ako. Yehey!

Teka, ano ba topic ko ngayon? si Bob Ong? Angels and Demons? hindi ako ganyan kababaw. Mas may mahalaga pang dapat pag-usapan. Ilang oras ko rin binuo sa isip ko to. Ayoko rin naman ilabas ang galit ko sa kalokohan ni Hayden Kho (pre kung mapadaan ka dito, suntukan nalang kayo ni Pacquaio o kaya pakamatay ka na lang! kanta! kanta ka pa dian, mali naman lyrics lols!)

Ok, seryoso na.

Kilala niyo ba si Squidward? Iyong kontrabida sa Spongebob Squarepants? Oo, siya iyong kontrabida doon. Isa siyang octopus na sobrang sarcastic kaya sobra siyang nakakatawa. Pero sa tagalog version ah. Kasi hindi ako marunong mag-english. Hindi ko naman siya dating pinapansin dahil akala ko pambata lang talaga ang spongebob. Pero simula ng mapanood ko ang Tagalized version nito sa Nick sa TV5 eh naaliw naman ako dahil sa sobrang nakakatawa ang kanyang mga komentaryo at ang kanyang ugali at personality. Siya lang ang kontrabidang katutuwaan mo.


Wala pa atang one week ng magsimula akong mag-plurk at doon nakita ko na marami rin palang blogger na mahilig kay Naruto maliban sa akin at kay SUPER G. Nandian si Dhianz-chan at Jenski-Chan, pati na rin si Dylan. Uhm...ano ba meron kay naruto-kun at gustong-gusto siya ni Hinata at ng mga blogger babes nato? Dahil ba sa Kage-bunshin ito? O sa Kyuubi? Eh bading naman iyon na habol ng habol kay Sasuke. (Uy...joke lang iyon ah baka batuhin niyo na lang ako ng kunai diyan.) Actually, fanatic din ako ng Naruto pero ang peyborit ko talaga si Shikamaru. Kahit sabihin pa natin magaganda ang mga kowts ni Naruto eh wala pa ring tatalo sa "How Troublesome".


Kung trip niyo ang Naruto at ang Anime's, sigurado magugustuhan niyo ito. Ito ang da' best anime kung kowts, humor at labanan din lang ang pag-uusapan. One day gagawa ako ng post para kumbinsihin kayo manood at subaybayan ang one piece dahil hindi buo ang buhay mo kapag hindi mo napanood ito. Dahil sa anime nato, gusto ko na matuto ng salitang Hapon dahil hindi ako makapaghintay ng ilang oras bago nila ma-sub ang programang ito. Kung maalala niyo ay minsan ko na rin silang na-i-feature ng mag-Brownout Pictorial ako. Ang post kung saan gumamit ako ng China Phone para kuhaan ang anime' action figures na gawa ng Hapon at ibinibenta dito sa Pilipinas diyan sa Comic Alley.

So ano ba ang punto ko sa post na ito at ano ang nais kong iparating? Sa kalagitnaan ng aking depression dahil sa marami at iba't-ibang dahilan. Aking napatunayan na isa sa pinakamagandang paraan para muli kang makatayo ay ang pag-pick up ng mga new hobbies o bagong pagkaka-abalahan. Nakakagulat na ang dating mga bagay na hindi ko pinapansin at hindi kinahihiligan ay matutunan mo rin palang mahalin at ma-appreciate. Kelangan lang i-approach mo ang anumang bagay ng may open mind at walang pre-judice, totoo ito sa kahit anong bagay kasing simple man ng isang palabas o kasing komplikado ng isang relasyon.

Isa pa, ang anime's o cartoons ay isang magandang paraan para makalimot sa isang pag-ibig dahil hindi tulad ng sa mga pelikula, kadalasan dito walang love-team at hindi ka mainggit.

Light post muna. Masyado na ako mainit eh.

May 19, 2009

Heto na naman...


Kung hindi mo pa rin nararamdaman mag-eeleksyon na sa kabila ng napakarami ng "advocacy ads sa Tv", mga naglalakihang billboards ng mga naka-pwesto sa gobyerno na biglang nagkaroon ng "Kuya" at "Tito" sa kanilang pangalan, mga mukhang nagpupumilit sumingit sa likod ng pambansang kamao tuwing lalabas ito sa TV, ang biglang naghihimutok na reaksyon ng mga politiko sa Scandal ni Hayden, sa mga mababaw at halatang pasikat na pahayag lang laban kay Chip Tsao sa kainitan ng isyu at syempre ang pinakabago--ang isyu ni Aleck Baldwin at ang Mail order Brides eh malamang tanga ka na.

Sang ayon naman akong wala sa matinong pag-iisip o ugali ito si Hayden Kho, hindi ko rin naman kinakampihan si Chip Tsao, natuwa rin naman ako ng manalo si Pacquiao pero tama ba na laging makisakay ang mga pulitiko sa lahat ng isyung in? Kulang na lang ligawan nila si Dionisia para nasa headlines na sila kinabukasan.

Kanina lang napanood ko sa balita ang mga senador na naghuhumutik sa galit dahil daw sa masamang biro ni Aleck Baldwin dito...

Let's disregard the fact that I personally don't find this offensive, watching the whole thing and understanding the supposed "joke" in context of the actual interview--this is not offensive for me. However, I also feel for those people who find it offensive for the reason that this may really bring negative connotation about Filipina women in general. Also, let's disregard the fact that there weren't no statement that implied he was generalizing or the fact that Filipina Mail-Order Bride is an actual thriving industry in the country--of course they don't call it like that nowadays because there are already laws against it but it still thrives through your everyday Adult Dating sites and even through Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, MySpace or what have you. I would be supporting any call for him to apologize for the whole sake of it and also for the seemingly easily aggravated politicians who coincindentally will run in 2010.

Also, I would just like to reiterate the points I've previously raised on this Chip Tsao Article... that as much as we'd like to deny it, the reason we easily get offended is because THE TRUTH HURTS. Of course, we're not all servants, not all medical professionals are not competitive, not all graduates simply purchased their diploma from Recto and not all Filipina can be ordered through mail but there are basis to these insulting statements against us. Instead of sulking about it or simply asking an apology, why can't we all do something to prove we are all better than that. Why can't the politicians do their job instead of abusing their privilege speech to gain publicity.

Huwag rin sana tayo magmalinis, dahil kung laitan lang din ang laban hindi rin naman tayo nahuhuli diyan. Kung pagtawanan nga ng marami ang "National Pride na si Pacquiao" eh ganun-ganun na lang (Yah know). Ilang ulit na rin ako naka-ikot sa ibang blog at kung laitin natin ang mga arabo sa kanilang amoy, ang mga intsik sa kanilang produkto, ang mga mexican dahil sa swine flu eh ganun-ganun na lang. Of course, hindi natin sila nilalahat pero diba parang ganito rin ito?

Bakit nga ba hindi maubos-ubos ang ganitong isyu? Mula sa hate later umano ni Art Bell, ang pahayag ni Chip Tsao, ang patama sa medical practitioners sa Desparate Housewives at kung anu-ano pang hindi ko na mabilang at maalala. Totoong nakakagalit, nakakainis at nakaka-insulto ang mga ganito pero bahagi na yan ng buhay. Hindi man sa level ng mga bansa at isang lahi--kahit iyong kapitbahay mo lang dyan siguro may sinasabi sa iyong masama at sigurado ikaw rin minsan ganoon.

Mail Order Brides?

Personally, I think it's sad that some Filipinas couldn't think of anything better than to offer up themselves for a promise of a better life. I'm the type of person who believes that there shouldn't be any other reason why one should marry another person but love. The hopeless romantic type like me however won't stand a chance in the real world. Nakakalungkot naman isipin na minsan, lalo na sa mga mahirap na pamilya--pang karaniwan mo ng maririnig ang mga biro na "mag-asawa ka na lang ng hapon" o di kaya ay "Doon ka na sa puti--marami iyong dollars" kesa naman diyan sa Pinoy--wala kang aasahan diyan.

May 17, 2009

The Naked Truth about the Pinay Scandal Culture


There are three things that prompted me to write this post. First, my unusually long and extensive blog hopping these past couple of days to promote my Midnight DJ Blog Contest Entry. Second, The Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho Scandal that's been on the news and around the blogosphere and Lastly, my conscience and personal values that tells me something is terribly wrong.

During my recent blog hopping, I came across a post that enumerated the 10 Worst Countries to be a blogger. Personally, finding out that in some countries bloggers are jailed was not a surprised because there's still a bunch of countries out there where freedom is still a fantasy but still it's nothing short of interesting. In China per se the country that hosts the most number of Internet users in the world. The government controls ISP's (Internet Service Providers) to filter searches, block web sites, delete objectionable contents and even monitor email traffic. In some countries, bloggers plays the role that the government controlled media can't perform but in some, bloggers practices self-restraint in fear of persecution. Fortunately, in a Democratic country like ours, bloggers don't have such restrictions. In fact, blogs have become so influential that we often see countless blogging contests. Big companies and various industries took notice of this fact that is why bloggers even get freebies, and special benefits in some occasions. We have become so influential that we can set trends and we can literally bring about change.

In contrasts, freedom can also be very dangerous. Yesterday, I read pinoyblogero's entry that more or less condemns Korina Today's episode/segment called "Beware of Blogs". Actually the full title of the post was "Beware of the Blog? Why the Heck Should People Be Afraid of Blogs?" Like him, I believe that in general there's really no reason to be afraid of blogs but then placing myself on the other side of the argument won't hurt either.

Why the Heck Should People Be Afraid of Blogs?

This is one good question posed by one of the most seasoned and most respected blogger around the Philippine Blogosphere. I hopped through some blogs and posts about the very controversial Katrina Halili Scandal. There were bloggers who did a great job writing a fair article about it but sadly there were a lot who said spoke of nothing else but complete mockery, they seem to enjoy making fun of this incident. As much as I respect everyone's personal opinions reflected through their blogs, I still can't be contented how bloggers approach issues like this one. The posts I've read may all have been a spur of the moment thing--a blogger's impulse, perhaps they were written at the exact moment they've heard about it or watched the video. With the lack of a better excuse for these bloggers--those post may have been written without thinking.

Or maybe because of this?

The mere mention of the phrase "Pinay Scandal" on this post is sure to drive additional traffic on my site, not to mention that just on the first paragraph alone I already included "Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho Scandal" so that should give me immediate traffic considering that is among the hottest search phrase recently. As a blogger, I find it a legitimate means to drive traffic to your site, the pros call it SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is no different when about a month ago I wrote about Angels and Demons knowing this will soon be circulating around the blogosphere. It's the same case when I used the Pacquiao-Hatton and the Harry Potter Movie Half-Blood Prince as an example on a recent post called Kailan Ba?. Whose to say that bloggers have crossed the line when in reality most bloggers thinks that there is no line to cross in the first place because some started blogging with the idea of absolute freedom of expression through their personal blogs? Remember, the moment you publish a personal opinion on a blog is also the exact moment that opinion no longer becomes personal. Publishing a post is sharing your thoughts to the world which in effect would influence readers--disregarding the quantity. Like what was pointed out by Lord CM on his post, that when we read a bloggers thought, story or account of actual events, we are in reality only reading it through their perspective. In more ways than one, it is one sided story that will lead us to believe that what they did or said was the right thing because their only telling us about their side of the story.

Ano man ang dahilan, ano man ang tunay na nangyari, hindi man natin marinig ang sinasabi ng taong naging dahilan ng kalungkutan nya, andito pa rin tayo at nakikiramay, nakikiiyak, nagpapayo at higit sa lahat kinakampihan ang nagsulat ng artikulo at bahala na kahit hindi natin marinig ang hinanakit ng taong tinutukoy nya...-lord CM

Since were at the peek of the issue on Katrina Halili's Scandal, I feel that it is also the best time to raise the issue of Pinay Scandal. It saddens me that when people nowadays mention the word "Pinay" then automatically it would be followed by the word "Scandal". This is even more alarming considering that historically speaking--Filipinas are known to be the finest. Since when exactly did Maria Clara died? Is this how we should define liberal thinking? Pinay Sex Scandals? I hate to say this but that phrase is already a household term. Cellphone cameras what have you done to us? Talking about sex is not at all bad,it's perfectly natural and I think the increasing market of the Men's Magazine proves that Filipinos mindset towards sex is changing. I actually think this trend is positive because in a way, sparking a conversation means opening a medium to educate the people on everything there is to know about sex and reproductive health. If this goes on, we may even sway congress to pass the Reproductive Health Bill despite of the Church's opposition. The bad side of it is that the Pinay Scandal Culture not only tends to degrade Filipina's but also it somehow suggests that abuse towards women is even celebrated. Now, I understand that some girls agree with capturing their "private moments" on camera because of the additional excitement it brings. I, however don't think that majority wanted those videos to be publicized and be uploaded on sites and be downloaded on a strangers phone to masturbate on. Katrina Halili's Scandal, if it's going to be used for anything other than publicity and Hayden Kho's stupid claim for fame scheme. I hope we can use it to leverage a point that the Pinay Scandal Culture has done enough damage to the Filipina women and by all means should be stopped/minimized and not celebrated.

May 15, 2009

The Presidentiables


I couldn't agree more with what the other bloggers are saying that it is too early for the POLITICAL/"advocacy" ads by some president wannabes. This may have been a good idea some some years ago but today, such acts may actually do more harm than good. Pero, ano ba magagawa natin? Marami silang pera at trip nila iyon, sakyan na lang natin at isa pa let's use this chance so we can actually examine these candidates. It's never too early to take a look at what the future might be like for the Philippines.

I just started blogging December last year, but even with that short span of time I learned that if you want to know more about a person then all you need to do is to visit their blog. Not only that you can read about their thoughts and their views about things but also you'll learn all sorts of interesting things from the widgets they have and the things they have on their sidebars that often reflects their interests and things about them that they want to showcase. With that, i figured that this might also be the case when it comes to these "presidentiables" so I visited their sites and here's what I think...

(Note: I understand their websites are not personally maintained but at least this should tell us about the image they want to portray to the public)

We all know Manny Villar is one of the most richest politicians in the country and I guess that is why it's no surprise that his site is one of the best looking among all the "presidentiable" sites. Sa header pa lang, panalo na...bukod sa magandang graphics eh makikita rito ang pinaka-sikat niyang political/advocacy ads. ("Maluwa-luwa ako"). It's obvious that a big part of his propaganda is the protection/rights/welfare of OFW's. This is indeed a good campaign material because when you talk about OFW's, you are not only appealing to the over 12M OFW's but also to their families back home. However, it saddens me that he uses other people's burden to make a good name for himself. I don't think that there is a need for me to further explain what I'm trying to say. We've all seen the commercials right?

We all know Mar Roxas as Mr. Palengke which I can say was a good campaign strategy along with the "kilig" factor that his relationship with super-famous reporter Korina Sanchez. Simple is perhaps the most suitable word to describe his website. I guess they're trying to be consistent in their appeal to the 'simple and ordinary public' like their Mr. Palengke campaign. Personally, I find the portion "Mar Speaks" as the most appealing because it features Mar Roxas' stand on certain issues and his over-all principle when it comes to politics and governance. Also, unlike Villar's site, his site offers helpful links to other government sites like that has various announcements on job openings and also the Palengke Watch link which is unique to this site.

Ping Lacson's site is one of the most interactive sites, one of the most prominent feature that you will notice is the Poll asking the visitors opinion on what they think is the biggest problem the country is facing right now. Also, on the site you will see the latest news about the controversial senator. Senator Lacson also uses the site to further expose alleged corrupt practices by many individuals through the sites menu's and the videos that contains some of his speech on the senate.

The best thing about all these presidentiable sites, (featured or not) is the fact that they contain the candidates stands on issues that can be a big thing when it comes to the policies that our nation will have. This is particularly true when you visit sites of politicians who are currently serving the country. You can see on their sites which bills they supported/sponsored, which projects they spearheaded and what are the issues they tend to prioritize.

Marami pang ibang posibleng tumakbo sa pagka-pangulo kaya naman hindi ko lahat sila maaring ilagay sa blog post kong ito. Isa lang naman ang dahilan kung bakit ko naisipan mag-post ng tungkol dito at ayon ay ang hikayatin kayong magsiyasat at bisitahin ang mga sites ng mga politikong ito na maaring tumakbo sa 2010. Bakit? Dahil ang mga impormasyong makikita sa kanilang mga sites ay mahalaga upang magkaroon tayo ng isang edukado at matalinong desisyon sa pagpili ng kandidatong susuportahan.

Other possible candidates sites: FRANCIS "Chiz" ESCUDERO, Bayani Fernando, Loren Legarda, Noli "kabayan" De Castro, Jejomar Binay.

Disclaimer: My stand on politics is strictly personal. I do not claim that my opinions are absolute truth even if they're often aided by facts. My reviews are not paid nor influenced on any way. (Pero pwede bumili ng ads space sa site ko, so political parties, politicians, Perspektib is open for business lols!)

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May 14, 2009



Naging hit ang Pinoy Cute Blogger ID na tulad ng makikita mo sa aking sidebar. (Tingin muna) At syempre sa aking header (Click mo iyong MEET THE BLOGGER). Lahat ng nasa Blogroll ko meron niyan, sosyal diba? hehehe Marami ang natuwa sa aking pakulo na iyan at talagang abot tenga rin ang aking ngiti sa lahat ng kanilang pasasalamat. Kailan lang ay may nakita akong bagong pakulo at sana makita ko kayo doon lahat. Hindi ba kayo nagtataka para saan ang ID na iyan? Pwes, gumawa ako ng isang SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE FOR ALL PINOY CUTE BLOGGERS para naman may silbi ang ating ID's. Lols!

Nakakatuwa at bago ko pa talagang na-i-post ang tungkol dito ay mayroon nang dalawang blogistang naki-join sa pakulo kong ito. Salamat kay Mike at kay Rhodey for joining. So bakit kailangan (oo KAILANGAN mong sumali). Since it's a social networking site like Friendster, Facebook at kung anu-ano pa, makikita mo rin dito ang lahat ng basics ng isang sosyal networking sites. You can add friends, invite, post photos, videos, customize your page, at kung anu-ano pa..pero syempre dahil ito ay specialized site for bloggers, may mga features dito na wala sa ordinaryong sites, can also add your feeds which means you're page will show your new posts as you update them on your blog. Also, you can add contents or your featured post on your page. This only means, additional exposure for your blog and for your readers it would be much easier to keep track of your most recent post or what you've been up to. In the site's homepage, you will see everything all the bloggers are doing. Oh...also you can chat within the members who are online. Actually, there's still so much to learn about the site, Even I haven't fully discovered everything we can do and as admin, I am working on the site's over-all look So bare with me on that.

I thought it's a great idea to have something like this where bloggers--specifically can communicate and know more of each other. Hindi tulad ng friendster, facebook, dito...siguradong bloggers lahat tayo. Join PINOY CUTE BLOGGERS NOW.

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May 9, 2009

MIDNIGHT DJ-What are you most afraid of?


Ano ang una mong naiisip kapag umuulan kahit mataas ang sikat ng araw? Nagpapasintabi ka ba mga engkanto tuwing mapupunta ka sa kagubatan? Ano ang agad pumapasok sa iyong isipan kapag nabanggit ang Balete Drive? Kilala mo rin ba ang anak ni Janice?

One of the many interesting things about the Philippine Culture is the fact that the wide majority of the population believes in the supernatural be it local myths, scary creatures,ghost stories or even things as basic as the "pamahiins". Some may even argue that this is a bit odd considering that we are a predominantly catholic nation where creatures like that don't exists in our Bible, but on a deeper thought, is that really a contradiction?

I notice that much of the urban legends I grew up with actually is connected to our faith in one way or the other. One good example is the story about the "Tiyanaks", you know...usually unborn and victims of abortion, these babies turns into monster to seek revenge and kill people. Of course, who can forget that movie "Anak ni Janice". I remember not being able to go to the bathroom for a long time when I first saw that movie (hey, I was still a kid then so gimme a break.) Considering our pro-life religion that is totally against abortion, I think it was more convenient to instill fear among the people back then that to actually educate them. Same goes with all the stories about monsters and creatures that at the end of the day--can only be defeated and avoided with strong faith in God.

Some of you may be wondering by now, what in the world got me writing about this stuff in the middle of summer? It's this TV5 show.

MIDNIGHT DJ is a Tv5 show that is now on it's third season. It is about Samboy (Oyo Boy Sotto) who is LXFM's DJ of a radio show that primarily investigates paranormal cases, urban legends and everything supernatural. Gifted with a third-eye and an interesting cast--the show delivers the kind of punch you wouldn't expect from the regular horror series.

I personally don't mind not having a third-eye. I enjoy the pleasure of being alone and not being able to see those things that normal people don't see. However, if you are gifted with that then I guess you have no choice but to use it--for good. Take "Samboy" for example, more being the "Midnight DJ", he is often placed at life threatening situations whenever they deal with the supernatural but he doesn't mind knowing he's one of the few persons who can actually help save lives and even the souls of the dead. (Note: Samboy doesn't really have a third-eye, he is actually just pretending because he was desperate to get the job)

Of course, In-between the suspense, scary scenes and hair-raising shots is the funny sidekick played by JUAQUI TOPAS as Bodjie. Who wouldn't like having a funny guy in the group especially when you are chasing after ghosts or perhaps the other way around.

Also part of the show are these three lovely ladies Jenny Miller (Trixie), Erich Gonzales (Chicklet) and Desiree Del Valle (Andrea)

Desiree Del Valle plays the role of the Program Director Andrea while Jenny Miller plays the rich owner's role Patricia Romualdez. Together they made the decision to keep Samboy on the show despite of his recent confession that he didn't really have any power and that his claim of having a third eye was only out of desperation. Thanks to Chicklet who is played by (Erich Gonzales), the team isn't really that clueless because she has the ability to look into the past (something I'd want to be able to do) and sometimes she can also sense the presence of spirits. Chicklet is Samboy's physic make-up artist whose "kikay" character stands out making her very funny at times.

As a kid, I've always imagined those stories handed down to me to be really scary, full of suspense and thrills if ever they'd show it be it in films or on TV. TV5's Midnight Dj is all that, in fact. Here's where I watched the scene I fear to happen to me the most...Caught with my pants down.

So what are you waiting for? Catch MIDNIGHT DJ Every Saturday at 8 P.M. Only on TV5! Shake mo TV mo!

Credits: Images from MIDNIGHT DJ Multiply account.

May 6, 2009

Won't Even Start


Hindi ko maiwasan ngumiti ng halos mabaliw-baliw na ngiti sabay na may kasamang pag-iling ng todo ng makita ko ang Official Music Video na ito ng isang korean Youtuber na sikat na sikat na ngayon si David Choi.

Dahil sa paghahanap ko ng mga Pinoy Youtubers, hindi ko maiwasan paminsan-minsan maka-encounter ng mga talentadong Youtubers na hindi Pinoy, isa na rito ang super astig na si David Choi. Maliban sa sobrang astig na pinoy Youtube cover artists Sigevalee, kay David Choi lang ako talaga nag-spend ng ilang oras at halos hindi na makatulog dahil sa ganda ng mga original compositions niya. Anyway, I think i've already my point.

Isa sa mga paboritong kanta niya ay ang "Won't Even Start", dahil sa magandang musika, at lyrics ng kanta na medyo tinamaan ako at naging dahilan ng isang malaking bukol sa aking ulo.

Wont Even Start

What happened
after last summer
when we broke up
in September

I havent seen you
Feels like a long time
Sometimes it still hurts
But I always get by

I still got a piece of you under my skin
Its always there no matter where Ive been

So if I ever see you on the street
Ill pretend that I didnt see
And turn my face
No use in small talk anyways

Because if I look into your eyes
Then Ill have to say goodbye
And thatll break my heart
So I wont even start
I wont even start

I wish you luck
And I wish it true
Thats the best
I can do for you

Cuz youll probably find love
In someone new
I have to let go
Yeah its hard to do

So if I run into you with your arm by his side
Just know itll cut me like a knife

So if I ever see you on the street
Ill pretend that I didnt see
And turn my face
No use in small talk anyways

Because if I look into your eyes
Then Ill have to say goodbye
And thatll break my heart
So I wont even start
I wont even start

Ang ganda diba? Nakaka-relate ako sa mensahe ng kantang ito lalo na sa linyang...So if I ever see you on the street, I'll pretend that I didnt see. And turn my face, No use in small talk anyways Because if I look into your eyes, Then Ill have to say goodbye, And that'll break my heart, So I wont even start.

There's only girl I think about whenever I say that I can relate to a love song, a quote or whatever when it comes to love, the same girl I was referring to here, here, here, here, here, and of course here. I haven't been able to talk about her in full details here on my blog or with anybody in person maybe because I don't want the thought that if I do talk about her, then I would have to put an end to that story which I don't think I will be able to do just yet.

Kanina nalaman ko na lumabas na pala ang official music video niya, at ang talagang nakapag-pagulantang sa akin at naging dahilan ng post na ito ay ang babaeng gumanap bilang ex-gf ni David Choi, hindi ko maintindihan bakit andami namang babae diyan, iyong kamukha niya pa. Isang tingin ko pa lang sa babae sa video, talagang napa-iling na ako.


I went out on a date last night with that girl I mentioned here but then being with her only makes me realize that there's really no else. It's been years since I last saw her but still, it's her voice that I always hear and her face that I always see. There's always, something to remind me of her as if i need any of that. Anyway, hihinto na ako baka malungkot ako lalo. Eto panoorin niyo na lang.

May 4, 2009



I am just recovering from a flu which I had to endure during the weekend. (Wag kayo mag-alala hindi ito swine flu, Yes...I still call it swine flu kasi naman ang dami-daming ipapalit na pangalan eh may number pa, ayoko pa naman ng number na may letter...hindi ko maiwasan maalala iyong lintek na algebra na yan. So i'd rather call it swine flu or ewan flu para madali). Anyway, medyo ok na ngayon. Kaya naman halos wala na akong oras gumawa ng kahit ano pero syempre, para sa PEBA eh gagawa ako ng oras at pipilitin ko gumawa ng badge para sumuporta sa isang napakagandang proyektong ito.

Kanina lang, naglibot ako ng konti sa blogosperyo at meron akong tatlong napuntahang blog na nakagawa na ng kanila designs for the PEBA Blog design Contest. Na-inspire ako sa mga gawa at sumuporta ng mga kapwa natin blogista tulad nila Lord Cm, A-Z-EL at ni Nebz. Sigurado marami pang iba iyong gumawa eh pero hindi ko pa nakikita kaya ito lang na-post ko.

Dahil sa mga badge na yan, at syempre sa talagang cause ng contests ay na-inspire din ako gumawa kaso, meron akong isang munting problema. Actually, baka hindi ito munting problema. Una, sana umabot pa ako sa deadline ng contest. Ikalawa, eh dahil sa nakagawa ako ng dalawang design kanina eh hindi ako makapag-decide kung ano ang aking gagawing entry sa contest na iyon. Tulong naman diyan oh please...(with matching beautiful eyes).

Design I

Design II

Pero syempre, para mas makapili kayo ng mas maganda. Ipapaliwanag ko ang ibig sabihin ng mga badge na ito.

Design I. This is the first design I was able to come up with. Among the first things you will notice is the background image which is no other than Dr. Jose Rizal himself, I decided to put him on the badge not only because he's one of the most identifiable Filipino icon but also because of various other reasons. Jose Rizal being an expat himself shares a lot of similarities with his modern day counter-parts. Like most Overseas Filipino Workers, Rizal was forced to leave the country and despite of the fact that he's been to many places which offers a much more secure and convenient life, Rizal--at the end of the day still chose to comeback to our homeland even if it caused him his life. In a way, Filipino Expats nowadays, more often than are forced to leave the country due to the absence of opportunities to live a comfortable life and to be able to provide for their families needs. For me, it's admirable to see those people who've seen the world but still chose to comeback to our homeland even if they have all the chances to just leave and bring their families over. In essence, when this people invest to their kids future, they are also investing for the future of the country so that someday there would be no need for anyone to leave and to make sacrifices. This concept is in line with one of this years theme "HOPE OF THE NATION".

On the image, you should also see the cartoon image of the various Filipino Workers which represents our flexibility, adaptability and the many skills that we Pinoy's have to offer the world. I believe this represents the other concept of the theme that says, A GIFT TO THE WORLD. Along with the other images that identifies PEBA, I believe design I is a visual representation of this years theme. "FILIPINOS ABROAD, HOPE OF THE NATION, A GIFT TO THE WORLD."

DESIGN II in contrast is much more simplier and visually speaking, I like it better than DESIGN I because of the dark background and the colorful typography. I placed emphasis on '09' because I believe that we will see more of PEBA in the coming years and that it will get better every year.

So, what do you think? Pls...cast your vote which design i should enter and let's all support the Philippine Expats/OFW Blog Awards.

UPDATE: I've decided to choose design ONE simply because of the long explanation for the symbolism. lols!

Design I

If you like this design, go ahead and vote for it. It is design number 5 on the PEBA site. (click the image) Thank you for supporting PEBA.

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