The Naked Truth about the Pinay Scandal Culture

There are three things that prompted me to write this post. First, my unusually long and extensive blog hopping these past couple of days to promote my Midnight DJ Blog Contest Entry. Second, The Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho Scandal that's been on the news and around the blogosphere and Lastly, my conscience and personal values that tells me something is terribly wrong.

During my recent blog hopping, I came across a post that enumerated the 10 Worst Countries to be a blogger. Personally, finding out that in some countries bloggers are jailed was not a surprised because there's still a bunch of countries out there where freedom is still a fantasy but still it's nothing short of interesting. In China per se the country that hosts the most number of Internet users in the world. The government controls ISP's (Internet Service Providers) to filter searches, block web sites, delete objectionable contents and even monitor email traffic. In some countries, bloggers plays the role that the government controlled media can't perform but in some, bloggers practices self-restraint in fear of persecution. Fortunately, in a Democratic country like ours, bloggers don't have such restrictions. In fact, blogs have become so influential that we often see countless blogging contests. Big companies and various industries took notice of this fact that is why bloggers even get freebies, and special benefits in some occasions. We have become so influential that we can set trends and we can literally bring about change.

In contrasts, freedom can also be very dangerous. Yesterday, I read pinoyblogero's entry that more or less condemns Korina Today's episode/segment called "Beware of Blogs". Actually the full title of the post was "Beware of the Blog? Why the Heck Should People Be Afraid of Blogs?" Like him, I believe that in general there's really no reason to be afraid of blogs but then placing myself on the other side of the argument won't hurt either.

Why the Heck Should People Be Afraid of Blogs?

This is one good question posed by one of the most seasoned and most respected blogger around the Philippine Blogosphere. I hopped through some blogs and posts about the very controversial Katrina Halili Scandal. There were bloggers who did a great job writing a fair article about it but sadly there were a lot who said spoke of nothing else but complete mockery, they seem to enjoy making fun of this incident. As much as I respect everyone's personal opinions reflected through their blogs, I still can't be contented how bloggers approach issues like this one. The posts I've read may all have been a spur of the moment thing--a blogger's impulse, perhaps they were written at the exact moment they've heard about it or watched the video. With the lack of a better excuse for these bloggers--those post may have been written without thinking.

Or maybe because of this?

The mere mention of the phrase "Pinay Scandal" on this post is sure to drive additional traffic on my site, not to mention that just on the first paragraph alone I already included "Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho Scandal" so that should give me immediate traffic considering that is among the hottest search phrase recently. As a blogger, I find it a legitimate means to drive traffic to your site, the pros call it SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is no different when about a month ago I wrote about Angels and Demons knowing this will soon be circulating around the blogosphere. It's the same case when I used the Pacquiao-Hatton and the Harry Potter Movie Half-Blood Prince as an example on a recent post called Kailan Ba?. Whose to say that bloggers have crossed the line when in reality most bloggers thinks that there is no line to cross in the first place because some started blogging with the idea of absolute freedom of expression through their personal blogs? Remember, the moment you publish a personal opinion on a blog is also the exact moment that opinion no longer becomes personal. Publishing a post is sharing your thoughts to the world which in effect would influence readers--disregarding the quantity. Like what was pointed out by Lord CM on his post, that when we read a bloggers thought, story or account of actual events, we are in reality only reading it through their perspective. In more ways than one, it is one sided story that will lead us to believe that what they did or said was the right thing because their only telling us about their side of the story.

Ano man ang dahilan, ano man ang tunay na nangyari, hindi man natin marinig ang sinasabi ng taong naging dahilan ng kalungkutan nya, andito pa rin tayo at nakikiramay, nakikiiyak, nagpapayo at higit sa lahat kinakampihan ang nagsulat ng artikulo at bahala na kahit hindi natin marinig ang hinanakit ng taong tinutukoy nya...-lord CM

Since were at the peek of the issue on Katrina Halili's Scandal, I feel that it is also the best time to raise the issue of Pinay Scandal. It saddens me that when people nowadays mention the word "Pinay" then automatically it would be followed by the word "Scandal". This is even more alarming considering that historically speaking--Filipinas are known to be the finest. Since when exactly did Maria Clara died? Is this how we should define liberal thinking? Pinay Sex Scandals? I hate to say this but that phrase is already a household term. Cellphone cameras what have you done to us? Talking about sex is not at all bad,it's perfectly natural and I think the increasing market of the Men's Magazine proves that Filipinos mindset towards sex is changing. I actually think this trend is positive because in a way, sparking a conversation means opening a medium to educate the people on everything there is to know about sex and reproductive health. If this goes on, we may even sway congress to pass the Reproductive Health Bill despite of the Church's opposition. The bad side of it is that the Pinay Scandal Culture not only tends to degrade Filipina's but also it somehow suggests that abuse towards women is even celebrated. Now, I understand that some girls agree with capturing their "private moments" on camera because of the additional excitement it brings. I, however don't think that majority wanted those videos to be publicized and be uploaded on sites and be downloaded on a strangers phone to masturbate on. Katrina Halili's Scandal, if it's going to be used for anything other than publicity and Hayden Kho's stupid claim for fame scheme. I hope we can use it to leverage a point that the Pinay Scandal Culture has done enough damage to the Filipina women and by all means should be stopped/minimized and not celebrated.


  1. Basta, naiinis ako kapag ginagamit ang title na Pinay Scandal para lang makahatak ng readers, pagtapos pag babasahin mo ung article ang layo naman sa title...

    Meron akong nabasang blog entry na ang title Pinay Scandal, tapos sa entry nya nakalagay, isa daw un TAG na kumakalat para makahatak ka ng readers o bisita..

    Putek!!!bakit ba tayo nagsusulat?!!!

  2. LordCM, that's exactly what I wanted to point out. Hanggang saan ba ang kelangan gawin ng isang blogger para gumamit ng issue? Kaya naman lumalaki ang mga isyu na na-sensationalize na ng media eh dahil pinapatulan pa nating mga blogger. At sino ba ang bumabasa ng blogs? Lahat ba eh kaya mag-decide sa sarili nila? paano ang mga bata na kapag nakabasa ng mga scandal post?

    I read that tag also, tingin ko isa iyong...well...ayoko na magsalita

  3. Nakakalungkot ito. One time may naclick akong video sa youtube na may ganyang title, sinilip ko lang, then naglabasan na yong napakaraming videos na puro scandals at halatang sadyang ginawa (ng mga pinoy din)to degrade or make fun of Pinays. Obviously, kailangang magdouble time to educate more about this. Nasaan na ba ang delikadeza nating mga Pinoy?

  4. Bingkay, that's true sino pa ba ang gagawa ng mga ganito? ang hirap kasi eh parang pinapatulan pa ng marami iyong issue at ginagawa pang mas malaki, nagmumukha tuloy maging "cool" ang mga may scandal..

  5. people see you the way you project yourself to them. you then become a representative of your nation, which leads to stereotypes, which leads to racism and prejudism.

    to top it off and make it worse, filipinos will extend their pincers and their crab mentality will take effect.

  6. Chickletz, I guess that one reason why people should be "afraid" of blogs, bloggers can tend to monopolize on an issue that is not necessarily always right.

  7. internet is good if used properly; but there àre màny people of àll sorts, so we cànt reàlly àvoid them.
    Bàstà, dun tàu sà màsàyà, lol

  8. Franscesca, oh so you're here? hehehe that's right. doon tayo sa masayang blogging! lols!

  9. hi marlon. manila area ka lang ba? i have a favor. please let me know. thanks.


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