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The Season Finale'

I just watched Greys Anatomy's Season Finale for the 3rd time, and still I'm in shocked how it ended. It's exactly like what Meredith Grey narrated on the onset of the episode..."When things begin, we generally have no idea how it will end" and that was true enough because i was as surprised as her when she found out that guy who jumped in front of bus to save a complete stranger was George O'Malley.

Alright, I know not all of you watch the show and maybe some don't even know what I'm talking about. I'm not really into any kind of T.V show series myself except Anime's and the only reason why I watched the show at first is because it's something about medicine so I figured If I watched it, then maybe it's something I can talk about with this girl I really liked in the past who just graduated and is now reviewing for the Nursing Board exam, pretty much like when I learned to play the guitar because my first love wanted to learn it and so I figured if I knew how to play it myself--then maybe I can teach her . Both efforts proved to be useless but I've learned to love both things so I have no regrets.

Am I out of topic already? Not really, in fact both occasions are examples of how different actual endings can be from our expectations. We should know, that "different" is not necessarily bad--sometimes different is actually better. Just imagine if we already know that Manny Pacquaio will lose with a lucky punch from the opponent prior to watching it, wouldn't we all just be waiting for the lucky punch to come instead of being surprised that the seemingly unbeatable Pacman was defeated? Imagine if you knew beforehand that you will win the Lotto Mega Jackpot prior to placing your bet, do you think you would still jump as high and shout as hard when you see the numbers drawn on TV?

Where am I going?

I started blogging just 6 months ago. I started blogging because I was very down at the time. I had to leave the house I've been in since I was a kid so I could grow up. I had to leave the job I enjoyed doing so I can take a much needed rest to spare my soul that was already very tired . I had to be away from friends who's always been around so I could have that space I needed. I've been depressed since the minute I started blogging but I somehow managed not to show it that often in my post. Blogging has helped me through. What started as simple "write to forget and be busy, do something scheme" has become incredibly beneficial. It's one of things that I started doing but was totally surprised on how things have turned out.


In a way, my 6th month of blogging marks the end of a phase in my life. I'm no longer depressed.On Monday, I'm off to start over with a new schedule, a new job location and a new account to handle. I guess that's how it should be when you plan on starting over. This is as close as I can get to having new clean slate so I'd better make the most of it. I'm happy to also announce that just on my 6th month of blogging--my site Perspektib is now officially PageRank 3 thanks to all for your support. There's a big possibility that I won't be around as much but I'd try to be always present to check on all of you guys. I'm even planning to start a new blogging contests to keep me from being totally absent. This post is my SEASON FINALE' and as I start a new season--THE PINOY CUTE BLOGGER OF THE MONTH CONTEST will be launched.

See you all around and also may I ask for your support on the following.

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  1. hmmm...

    seryusli na ba yan Mr. P?

    :( pano na kita matatanong bwt sa pc?
    pero alam ko babalik ka naman...

    ingatz :)

    at pasalubong ko pagbalik mo :)

  2. Jee, seriously talaga to. hehehe
    Anong pasalubong ba? lechon?

  3. balik agad...
    wag magtatagal..
    madaming naghihintay sayo...

    congrats, Page Rank 3... anothr achievement.

    at may contest pala pagbalik mo... may swimsuit competition ba un? hahahahaha!

  4. balik balik marlon!hehehe

    maghihntay kami sa pakontest pagbalik mo...
    may pagkain ba dun?

  5. A-Z-E-L, bakit azel sasali ka ba kapag meron? hehehe Kung ganun pala eh hindi talaga ako magtatagal..hahaha

    Jenski-chan, iniisip ko pa ang mechanics and stuff..siguro makakaisip ako nyan habang nakatulala ako sa work. hehehe sali ka din swimsuit competition ah?

  6. Basta ba kapag may time silip ka sa pc at makitsika. Mamimiss ka namin, magkakulang ng isang cute sa blogosphere.

    Goodluck sa new beginning. MOre success Marl! Dito lang kami, kitakits soon...

  7. just also finish that gray anatomy..ganda nyan pre...

  8. huhu pati season break natapos na,kabwiset,haha

  9. hoy marlon! season finale, may ganung pamamaalam,sosyal...i stopped watching greys,...ndi ko na nasubaybayan fave ko si george during 1st season (he's sooo funny and naive)

    kaytagal mo mang mawala, babalik ka rin...babalik... ka rin...(kumanta, pang-ofw...hehehe)

  10. waaaaa! muntik ko nang mabasa! hindi ko pa kasi napapanood eh... i suggest maglagay ka ng spoiler warning.. ahehe! i sooo love grey's anatomy. :P

  11. di ako naka-relate pang class A kasi ang grey's anatomy

    eh jologs ako kaya zorro at totoy bato ang sinusubaybayan ko hehehe

  12. kilala ko si grey per hindi ko kilala si anatomy aheheheks....

  13. jst wanna inform u that my blogspot has already been moved to wordpress.pls update ur links into

  14. I hate it! izzy died leche! hahaha nagregister na ko kuya sa cute blogger haha

    kuya marlon visit ka sa site ko

    God bless

  15. ingatz kah... we'll see yah laterz when u get back... i know 'ur pretty bz now... we'll be waiting for your new season.. ingatz marlon... Godbless! -di

  16. Good luck with your new job, Marlon! :)

  17. Whoa! Great post! I hope I could watch the season ender. Season 3 lang kasi inabutan ko, but it's really great! Nice post! By the way, its my first time here in your blog. And its really cool. Keep posting! Great blog! Cheers!

  18. hi there.. pa-link naman.. u've been in my blogroll fro quite awhile now.. i would appreciate it if u cud link me back...

    kindly update my feed url on your bloglist to this:

    Because the old feed url is not working anymore.


    JAYtography: An Online Travelogue

  19. Hello Marlon! how are you?


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