December 21, 2008


It’s no secret I’ve been in-love before,

So deep that the pain I can’t ignore

My heart is in pieces as it fell on the floor

Pain speaks for itself—I thought not to love anymore

Hours have passed as though they were years

In my eyes all I can see was tears

Happiness all taken out of me

No one is to be blamed—no one but me

Then you came and brought me out of the shell

You pulled me out of hell

You brought me up here—heaven as I can tell

You pulled me out of hell where I fell

I know I died but I’m here revived by you

I smile by the mere thought of you

Now I actually think I’m falling for you

Can’t help it, but I’ve fallen for you

Wrong I might be…but how can it be?

I feel so right, coz God! I’ve never been this happy

How can it be wrong when it feels so right?

To be with you…is where I wanna be

I want to make you as happy as you make me.


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Anonymous said...

wow lon! .. ang ganda ;)
pede kopyahin?!?.. hehehe
ethos leng!
galing ah!.. ;)

Marlon said...

jess, kaw ba yan? hahaha paalam ka pa kunwari nakopya mo na yan. hahaha 50 php lang. ibigay ko na iyong rights.

kuletz said...

wow ang galing naman.. nadama ko un nadarama mo! hehe cge un isa naman basahin ko.

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