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Hello there HP and GC...

I just waNt to send my opinion on the poll question about telling your friend how you feel if you already fell for him/her.

I have actually done it twice already, both times didn't work out but alteast i was able to tell them how i felt, i don't have any regrets because now i don't have any what if's in my head. At first, it did hurt knowing that they didn't feel the same way and that they only saw me as friend but that actually brought as much closer, i know the story is not the same to everyone because some girls by instinct move away once they knew how you felt which for me is very unfair...Hindi ka na nga nila kayang mahalain, ayaw pa nilang mahalin mo sila...

Fear of losing the friendship is perfectly understandable but the risks is worth it. Keeping your feelings to yourself is like not even giving yourself a chance to be happy. Hindi ba't kapag kaharap mo siya eh hindi mo mapigilan tanungin ang sarili mo kung mahal ka rin niya? Questions are only answered when asked.

Iyon lang po, by the way i have sent my story before but i haven't heard it being read yet siguro kasi mahaba, i will try to come up with a shorter version..

Here's the only record i have of one my letters that was read on-air.

Read.mp3 -

Hello there again HP and GC...

First, let me thank you for reading my letter about the previous poll question and hopefully this one will get as far...It really felt good hearing my words being spoken my the best tandem on the air. I enjoy listening to you guys a lot...siguro kayong dalawa ang pinakamagandang impluwensiya sa akin nung girl na iyon, kung sino man iyon. hehehe

I just wanted to comment on the poll question about which is more painful, letting go of love because it's one sided, or staying in love even when it's one sided? I think it goes like that..

Loving one sided comes with the idea of loving someone without expecting something in return but the mere fact that we get hurt when we find out that the person we admire doesn't love us back is just an indication that we actually expected something. At the least some of us expects that we get noticed, Iyong tipong Andian ka pala, iyong alam nilang that you exist.Paramdam as most would like to call it.

Let's put it this way, para kang humawak ng isang lobo, bitawan mo man siya o hindi mawawala siya sa iyo one way or the other, it's either that you set it free and you watch it from afar, pabayaan mo siyang lumaya or you can hang on to it at makikta mo na lang siyang nawawalan na ng hangin..we can only hold to something for so long, nakakangawit din iyon.

You will hurt yourself more if you hang on to something you can never hurt yourself everyday knowing you can't be loved back. Unlike kapag nag let go ka,its just a one big blow... masakit sa una pero in the long run beneficial.. in the process you are giving yourself a chance to love another person and hopefully that person can really love you back.

Keeping your heart from beating doesn't always kill you. You'll feel love even more once it starts to beat again.

I already sent the shorter version of my story, hopefully you'll find it short enough...hahaha

thanks guys...


3rd Letter

I have always kept myself really busy for about a year now simply because at the moment that i stopped doing anything i can't really help myself to start thinking about her.

She was my classmate in high school But i've never really got the chance to actually know her not until after i got back from the U.S.. Everything started from a simple "kamusta" through text, ako naman since kababalik lang, i was really eager to know how everyone's was. Simpleng usapan napunta sa kung ano-anong bagay at ilang linggo pa ang lumipas sobrang close na kami. I even organized a reunion outing about 2 years ago para lang mas may reason ako na makita siya.

This girl came when i was really down and so i was able to vent out everything i felt about what happened to me in the past, i got really attached and she became a part of my everyday routine. It was just very stupid on my side that i neglected the fact that this girl was actually one of the girls that was involved with again the "perfect" guy na batchmate namin. I should have known that she too was not yet over him--well i knew but i didn't care. She gave a lot of early warning signs but i ignored everything. I really couldn't help falling for her. I told her about it and we remained as close and nothing changed and i was really ok with that set up until the "perfect" guy started na magparamdam ulit. She told me that she is giving him a chance so i did what i think was best. Stay away. i gave her the space and freedom to do decide without having to think about how i would feel. I knew that would make her happy so i let go, ayon lang naman din ang gusto ko.

I really have the tendency to fall sa mga kaibigan kong girls lalo't sobrang naging ka-close ko sila, in fact, before i left and even after i got i was still very much inlove dun sa 'bestfriend' ko nung highschool whom i've known naman since elementary. I remember despida ko nun when infront of everyone i told her how much i loved her and kahit na ako iyong lalayo at aalis, ako pa rin iyong maghihintay sa kanya.
I've always looked forward to saturday mornings nuon when i was in the states kasi we always chat, friday night dito nun. Kwentuhan at balitaan pero there were times that i didn't hear anything from her because something was happening na pala here. She started to get really close dun sa batchmate namen which everyone regards as the "perfect" guy. She fell for him but this guy was also involved with a lot of girls at hindi niya nagawang nag-commit sa kanya. So when i returned, my girl was broken-hearted which i found out from my friends, so even before i went back i already emailed her saying that i knew what happened and that it was ok with me, we are supposed to remain as friends but when i went back she gave me signs that she is willing to commit and even told me that she loved me. Naging kami but for less than a month. She was not over that guy plus her parents really did not want me for her.

I am happy to say right now that i am actually over both of them, tapos na sa akin lahat ng nangyari at isa na lang silang memories na magandang pagtawanan. The only sad part now is that i've become too careful. I didn't want to become really close kahit kanino kaya in the process there was one person na nasaktan ko ng todo which i am really guilty about. one more thing is that when i am not busy and not doing anything, dahil sa hindi ko na nga siya naiisip masyado eh parang lumilipad na lang ang isip ko at hindi ko maiwasan maramdamang nag-iisa pala ako.

I really am sorry about the long letter, this is already as short as i can make it. Hopefully, you'll find this interesting enough to be read. I am sure it can put a smile not only on my face but also doon sa dalawang girl na iyon kapag narinig nila to.

Thank you so much


Hello HP and GC...

As always i wanTed to tell you how i enjoy listening to your show. You're already part of my routine every sunday morning. I wrote another letter last week perhaps it's too long to be read but i assure you it's worth reading. hehehe. I just wanTed to comment on the Light roCk poll Question about the Heart and the Mind?

There is this quote i've heard before. Kapag mahal mo iyong isang tao and you have reasons as to why you do, it means that you're using your mind in loving that person. But if you love a person without a reason meaning--you just do. Then it's your heart you're using. Gets ba? DId i say it right? Well, i agree. Loving a person i think isn't something you can think about. It just happens, you fall for someone without reasons or for reasons you can't understand. The thinking part comes after falliing in-love. You use you're mind not to decide if you should love someone or not but instead you use it to weigh things around--perhaps you'd want to think about whether you should push through with your love or not. We fall for the most random people in the world, some of us love those people who are already married or involved with another person. sometimes we love people from other religions, or culture. sometimes we fall for people with the same gender. Sometimes we fall for people that couldn't be accepted by your family for reasons we don't know. The typical love we can consider "love that could have been, but could never be" if you know what i mean. hehehehe

Just want to request the song, Don't knoW what to do, don't know what to sAy, wala lanG just wanted to listen to it. and Also pls greet my Friend Toyang,
belated Happy B-Day last July 9, Gang ngayon hindi ko pa siya binabati eh

Thanks again,


Hello there again HP anD GC,

YEHEY!! That's what i first said when i heard you guys mentioned that you will grant my "request" for a copy of the "love that could have been but could never be" album. Also, thank you in advance for reading it. I know it's very long, but again i know it's worth it. hehehe...

This week i'll just comment on the stories i've heard two weeks in a row na, about dun sa mga girls who condemns guys for only looking at the "physical appearance" of girls. Well, i can't help them thinking that way because of the experiences they've had which admittedly is sad. But i bet to disagree na it's only guys who gives "physical looks" that much importance. Guys experience the same thing, It's not about the gender, it's about the society in general. It's sad and unfair but its a reality

Have you guys seen the movie HItch by will smitH? it's one of my favorites movies. That's a perfect example and i think you should watch it. (just remember it's a movie on guys perspective) but i am sure you'll get the idea.

It's wrong that we let ourselves fall victim to the mainstream's idea of beauty. What i found wrong was the part when the girl pretended to be someone else, though she mentioned it's an act of revenge, i find it a desperate move on her part. As she had said, kahit na sobrang smart, funny and talagang lovable iyong nature niya, she chose to pretend to be someone else. Ngayon dilemma niya kung siya ba iyong minahal nung guy or iyong picture.

I am not ugly--atleast i think. hehehe but i am not the kind of guy whom you'd really pay attention to or perhaps you would fall for in just one meeting. Though i am smart, funny, very talented and at my age very successful, none of it matters kung you're not gonna have a chance to really show who you are. Instead of pretending, what i do is make sure that people will know me--actual me, i do it through friendster and my own website. You have to love yourself first and accept everything about you before you can expect someone to love you. If they couldn't accept it, then they don't deserve you. Unless, they get passed that point of accepting the physical aspect then all you could do is wait for the right one to come along. Sabi ko nga, "Madali naman ako mahalin, mahirap lang siguro tanggapin."

Again, it's sad, it's unfair. But its the reality.

it's me,


Hello there Again, HP and GC!

Wow! Na-starstruck talaga ako kay Ate Cherry, Nawala iyong pagkamadaldal ko at nagmukha akong tanga sa pagiging unresponsive ko sa mga tanong niya. I've met quite a lot of powerful and influential people na but it's totally different with ate cherry and it was strange hearing you talk in person. Lalo na siguro kung andun din si kuya paul. Hehehe Sayang talaga at hindi ko siya inabutan. Anyway, thanks again sa CD!

This week, i'd like to write a comment on our poll question. I don't know the exact question pero it's like a mutation nung tanong about letting go and fighting for love. i think the question is kung sino ang totoong nagmahal, iyong nag let go o iyong taong ipinaglaban ka?

Are we really in the right position to answer this question fairly? I mean, there are many reasons as to why a person chooses to let go, same goes as to why one fights for love? Let's put this on the right perspective.

More often than not, a reciprocated love is one who finds a reason to fight for love. Tipong you and me against the world thing. Feeling mo lahat kaya basta’s kasama mo siya. It’s just plain stupidity to fight for love when the feeling your fighting for goes one sided. Parang ikaw si superman kaso ayaw naman ni Lois lane sumama sa paglipad mo. Mahirap atang makipaglaban na iyong ipinaglalaban mo eh ayaw naman ipaglaban mo sila—worst thing is, kung iyong pag-ibig mo pa mismo iyong kalaban.

At that point, you don’t call it true love. You call it desperation.

Sabi naman ng kanta, “letting go daw is just another way of saying I’ll always love you so”. “Sacrificial love” is what we fondly call it. Is it really a sacrifice or it’s more like a self-preservation thing? Are we doing it to give the person their happiness or it's just because we can no longer bear the pain and the sad truth that we are not loved back? Or perhaps, finally we’ve come to realize that it’s simply a love that could have been, but could never be?

Sometimes, letting go is not a choice. Sometimes it’s all that’s left for you to do.

Fighting for love and letting go can be both considered as an act of courage, an act of true love and I’m pretty sure both sounds pretty heroic but It’s something that most of us doesn’t really want to find ourselves in. Salamat na lang ke kuya paul and ate cherry kasi every week naririnig natin how to avoid reaching this point and that if we must face it, We know we are not alone. Lagi silang andian, handang makinig.

Iyon ang ending diba? Hehehe thanks ulet sa CD



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