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In a country who loves to celebrate life like the Philippines, it’s not a wonder why being an “EMO” is almost instantly being regarded as something bad. Well, I guess anything beyond conformity often ends in some kind of stereotype and of course, being an EMO is no exception. - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo music

Undoubtedly, the term EMO is starting to become more popular and many even argue that being an EMO in itself is already a new way of life; some even call it the EMO Culture. I agree to some extent given that you can easily identify anything related to being an EMO, the one sided bangs, dark eyelashes among girls or boys and even the pure black clothing—these and among all the other stereotypical description of an EMO symbolizes the culture in the same way Jeepneys and our Barong Tagalog represents the Filipino Culture. However, I’d like to think there is more to the EMO Culture than rather “different” fashion and musical inclination. What’s with being an EMO that sometimes, even if you don’t have a one sided bangs, or you don’t like the color black that people calls you one? Is it really a new way of life? Or is it merely a new way to look at it?

Interesting! That’s what I thought the moment I learned of the origin of the word EMO. I was intrigued as to why a group known to be ruthless and violent would use the word EMOTIONAL as their very symbol, so I did a bit of research through the net. What I found are not stories of killing, suicides or purely stories of hate but instead I realized that an EMO is someone who is simply—emotional. - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo music

Indeed, EMO icons, images, and even choice of words can be very disturbing but nonetheless, these are statement of facts. These things are not any different than Shakespeare's writing or Michael Angelo's paintings. EMO Culture offers a different perspective, finally the other side of life is given a voice and perhaps the attention it needs. We all know that love and life can be cruel at times and I think it's helpful for people to be able to express their feelings either through their music, sense of fashion and like me--through writing or photography. It's true that sometimes there are people who cross the line and goes to the extreme and that they actually start to hurt themselves and even commit suicide but on the second thought, suicidal tendency is not exclusive to those who are regarded as an EMO. It happens every day even to people who doesn't have a single EMO characteristic in them. EMO attitude is not celebrating tragedies, heart-aches or death. It's merely saying what most wouldn't even discuss because they are afraid they would be marked as a protagonists. A pessimists, though it's a good thing to be positive it wouldn't also hurt to be realistic.

It makes perfect sense why majority of those who call themselves EMO are in their adolescent years because this is the time when a kid starts to experience pain, hurt, problems and tragedies more specifically in the context of love. We know very well that teens don’t often communicate their love problems to their parents so they end up looking for someone whom they can talk to, perhaps someone who is experiencing the same things and more likely the reason why being an EMO is associated with suicide is because of the lack of ability to vent, to express your feelings and sentiments which satisfies the idea of being alone and loneliness. Who would want that? - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo music

I often listen to sad and sappy love songs, it is my therapy. Though i listen to a wide variety of music genre, i often prefer slow, easy listening type of songs with very sentimental thoughts and sometimes heart-breaking lyrics. In a way, maybe because i can relate to what the song says, i dig lines like "When you're dreaming with A Broken-heart, the waking up is the hardest part..." or "We just have to say our love was true but has now become a lie" or classics like "Letting go, is just another way of saying i'll always love you so", If we didn't know these lines were by non-emo artist. We would think it's EMO in a way because it conveys sad thoughts and maybe that's why a lot of my friends calls me an EMO. I often disagree, i don't have one sided bangs, i don't wear eyelashes of any kind though, i must admit i like color black...i never regarded myself as one but on the second thought.

Maybe I am.

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  1. i'am. but not to the point of hurting myself.. hehe :)

  2. aww'! love this entry HAHA. :D

    last year i decided to have a new hair cut ayun may bangs na ako na one-sided.

    and somehow it sucks when they call me EMO.

    bangs won't define me.

    and uhh there's nothing wrong being emotional
    its just some sort of expressing oneself.

    walang basagan ng trip HAHA Ü

  3. Kyrk, i am glad you liked the entry, you're right. Not all who has one sided bangs are emo.Kahit si Rizal nga eh, ehehehe salamat sa pagbisita

    Keno, tama just don't cross that line

  4. hehehe... like wat i oweiz believe, emo is just an excuse for guys who act like girls... hehe! ewan ko ba, nagka ex ako ng emo and haller tao pa rin sila tulad natin. cge na expressive na sila ako din naman expressive and emotional pero i dont consider myself as an emo... hehe

  5. Yhen! hehehe ok, Hindi ka EMO. hehehe may pinaghuhugutan naman pala iyong galit mo. (wag ka maglaslas ah) hehehe thanks for dropping by!

  6. hey! didnt have much time earlier cause i had to go to class already but here...COMMENT!:D nice bloggie ;)

    i hate that emo became sort of a "trend", tsk. it's irritating, really.
    di naman porket you THINK and you ANALYZE on your own sometimes, emo ka na. HAHA. pero malay mo :))

  7. Andibanandi, Thanks for visiting back, are right in a way but i also think it's not that bad to be called an EMO, well..depending on how you define the word.

  8. i agree it's not the bangs, or the fashion, i agree, that being emo is not that but because of the EMOtions we feel..


  9. Nadine, salamat sa iyong pag comment. Mabuti at pareho pala tayo ng pananaw.

  10. whoa :D ayan basta na link na kita okay?:D see ya!

  11. andibanandi, (hirap) salamat sa pag-link up, i will add you na rin! see yah around!

  12. I hate emo perpectives, they think that they have the monopoly of pain...

    but, i love the songs...^^

  13. Thanks for the very informative post. Now I know more about the term "emo" which is very popular in the Philippines nowadays. I would agree with your observation that it is the kind of feelings exhibited by those who are perplexed by life's changing pace in their own adolescent life. I think kids must be properly guided before they could even think of severe or violent outlets or reactions to these changing circumstances in their lives. Thanks again for the very interesting post. God bless.

  14. Trashman, nice point. One bad thing about emo, i can say is that they think they are the only ones who experience pain. or perhaps they have a tendency to overly emotional

  15. emo rin yata ako..!



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