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If I would be given a chance to bring anything along with me from the 90's, I'd only choose between two things--my childhood and the Eraserheads.

I've been listening to the music of the Eraserheads since as far back as I can remember. I distinctly remember seeing my older brother just outside our house playing songs from "Songhits" who at the time were still in his teens. I always sit next to him to watch because my fingers were still too short, and my grip still too soft to play the guitar chords. and even as a kid I've decided someday that I too, will play some of E-Heads songs on the guitar.

I remember numerous occasions when my brother and I used to fight over his songbook collection of the Eraserheads. I was just in the stage when I was mastering my reading skills and among the first things I read were things about the Eraserheads and their lyrics. It was easy to read and understand so I was able to memorize them verbatim. Before, my teenage years Eraserheads was just that for me. A band whose songs sounded good when played on the guitar and lyrics which are easy to read and memorize.

Soon, cassette tapes were replaced by CD's and of course among the first things we bought were the CD version of the E-heads Albums and amazingly enough the songs sounded different to me...not just because of the technical standpoint but because I was already in high school at the time which meant that I have matured. I was at the phase when I started to have strong bonds of friendships "barkadas" just like what their lyrics implies, I started having some love problems--exactly like what they say in songs. Sometimes, I even listen to their songs to find answers in situations because I find it amazing that the lyrics accurately describes what I was experiencing at the time and that the simple words actually have profound meanings. Now, I don't only read or memorize the songs--I actually understood it.

The Eraserheads also played a major role in overcoming my homesickness while I was in Michigan for my exchange year, It was around Christmas time and I was already half-way through my one year stay in the U.S. I think around December was the peak of my longing to go back home here in Manila not only because it was Christmas Season but also because this was the time when me and "perslab" decided not to talk or communicate for awhile. Despite of the beautiful White Christmas I had, I still couldn't help thinking about how things were doing back here in the Philippines. In my attempt to overcome homesickness, I searched the web for things that would remind me of home, I listened to Philippine Radio Stations online where I heard the Eraserhead's version of "Manila" by the Hotdogs. Right after that, I purchased the Eraserheads Anthology Album Online and had it delivered to me in the States. I was still a dummy back then about downloading things from the Internet, I spent a good amount of money for it to be delivered as quickly as possible but because it was peak season for gifts and shipments, it still took a while for me to receive it. As soon as it came two weeks later, I went straight to my room, laid in my bed, turned the volume way up, closed my eyes and as soon as the music played--somehow I felt I was home. I haven't spoken in Filipino for months already and I felt so relieved to be able to do it again--even more I did it shouting and singing my heart-out along with the music of the ERASERHEADS.

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The ERASERHEADS is hailed to be the best Pop Rock Band in recent history. "The Beatles of The Philippines" is what they are fondly called and just like me, millions more out there look-up to them. They're the band that everyone else is measured up against--the standard of OPM Rock Bands and artists of different genres have performed E-Head hits and in 2006 the country's best bands paid tribute to the band with "ULTRA-ELECTROMAGNETIC JAM" (Underground rumors has it that there will be an ULTRA-ELECTROMAGNETIC JAM 2). Also, just recently, ERASERHEADS is re-introduced to the new generation with the McDO commercial "First Love" feat Huling El Bimbo. Fanatics, now awaits the FINAL SET CONCERT on March 7, 2009.

"Lift your head, baby don't be scared of the things that could go wrong along the way, you'll get by with a smile, you can't win at everything but you can try."

It is about Eraserheads' Story as told by Ely, Buddy, Marcus, and Raymund and the people around them from the band's early days up to their demise and the Last Reunion Concert.
A Must See for all E-Heads FANS that's why I compiled it here from youtube.

Matatapos ba ang post ko ito ng walang kalokohan?

Pinilit kong pag-samahin ang mga kanta ng eraserheads sa isang sulat. lols!


Dear Kim,

I find it hard to believe. Minsan sa tindahan ni Aling Nena, nakita kita sa isang magasin. Kamukha mo si Paraluman at ang galling-galing mong sumayaw, mapa-boogie man o cha-cha. Tatlong oras na akong nagpapa-kyut sa’yo, hindi mo man lang napapansin ang bagong t-shirt ko. Pasensya na, kung ako ay hindi nagsasalita, hindi ko kayang aminin ang aking nadarama. Sampung buwan, na akong hindi natutulog, hindi mapakali, magdamag hinahanap, nababaliw tuwing naalala ang tamis sa aking mga labi.

O'pare ko, meron ka bang maipapayo? Kung wala ay ok lang. kailangan lang ay iyong pakikiramay. Mahal ko si Toyang, T.L ako sa kanya, pagkat siya ay simple lamang.


Hey Jay,

Huwag mo nang itanong sa akin, hindi ko rin naman sasabihin. Huwag kang matakot, makapangyarihan ang pag-ibig na hawak mo sa iyong kamay.

Ikaw pala ay kaliwete? Gusto mo bang sumama? gusto ko matutong mag-drive. Kung may problema ka, magsuot ng maskara, buksan mo ang iyong mata ang iyong mundo ay mag-iiba. Hindi mo ba nakikita, ako ay lumilipad at nasa alapaap na?

With A smile,


"In a world where everybody hates a happy ending story, it's a wonder love can make the world go round..."


  1. grabe. as in wow! two thumbs up isali mo pa ang big toes ko.. effort itong post na to ah! ang galing mo! wohoo! eheads rocks! yea. since i can remember din, grabe ang legacy ng eheads.their music is one of a kind. tumatatak talaga sa bawat listeners. perhaps because of the message ng song. anyhow. magaling talaga sila. im not a big fan tho pero i also like their songs.
    super tribute talaga itong post na to ah.. the best! ~di lumalabas ang word verification kaya dito nalang ako nagcomment para sa post mo..nangyari din to kay oracle kanina. ginawa niya na lang popup ang comment form at inalis ang word verif para gumana..

    (I pasted this from chatbox,sira kasi ang comment box.) testing ko na rin...

  2. huwaw! tribute nga....galing... makapaghanap nang din ng iba pang album nila... :D

  3. ito talaga yong Post na may sipag at tiyaga ayus pre ah.. natawa ako don sa huli nag kadugtong pede pang love letter na yun hehehe..

    uli! ayuss patosss payonggg..

    galing mo sa photoshop

  4. avid fan ka pala ng e-heads... same here :)

    lalo na ni ely kahit supladito sia in person...

  5. SuperG, ahaha tributan talaga yan. lols!

    Bomzz, marami pong salamat..lols!

    Enjoy! avid fan talaga eto, hindi pa ba halata? lols! hahaha close kaya kami tignan mo iyong huling post ko. lols!

  6. galing naman...

    lalo na ung letter nina Kim at Jay... galing!

    saludo ako sayo...

  7. Acel, marami pong salamat at nagustuhan mo ang trip ko lols!! hehehe Salamat din sa pagbisita!



  9. Hi! I bought my own domain and changed it from to
    Kindly update your blogroll.
    Thanks and GODBLESS!

    Btw, I can't find my link on your blog. Kindly add me again or I'll delete you from my list.


  10. Vanvan, hi! AGREE!AGREE!AGREE! lols!

    Bogcess, nwala ka pala sa list, i'll make an ID for you.

    Frogprincess, thanks!

  11. i love it :D

    haha i just remember they are also part of my growing years.

    tape to CDs. ayees! Ü

    ganun na nga. HAHA.

    loovvveeee itttt Ü

  12. haha hail :D

    astig uhh Ü

    may kalokohang taglay sa last part but it really rocks!

    ang galing mo kaya nuh!


  13. Ganda naman nitong post mo bro. Kumpletos rekados! I also love the e-heads. Very informative! Nice one bro!


  15. Kryk! natutuwa naman ako at nagustuhan mo ang post...hehehe salamat!

    Ark, ganun din, marami talaga tayong mga e-heads fans. Salamt din

    Amorgatory, walang anuman sa Id, salamat sa comment.


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