Any certified blog/internet/computer addict knows how important it is to have a notebook PC. On top all the benefits of having one is the portability. It is important to have a computer with you all the time so that you can write whenever the the need comes. Even though I post a lot of my thoughts in my blog, I hate the feeling of having someone looking over your screen when writing even if it's family members. My best works were written alone and without distraction and I am hoping to get more of that once I get a NOTEBOOK PC. I can't say that I regret choosing to assemble a Desktop PC just last year because I am very happy with my current but I think it would have been better if I purchase a notebook PC first instead.

This is the Phone I've been using for over a year now. I bought this simply because of it's excellent sound quality both with loud speaker or headphones. It is part of Nokia's Xpressmusic series. However, for an amatuer photographer like me who loves to takes pictures, the 1.3 MP isn't that satisfying that is why I am planning to upgrade with a different phone with a higher-resolution camera. (The Picture on the Right is one of my best shots taken using this phone's camera) It is only advisable in daylight photography.

I am planning to upgrade to this one. It is Nokia's N73 which is part of the NSeries. I picked this phone because it is the perfect upgrade for my current phone because it has a 3.2 MP camera which I hope would translate to much better pictures. It's perfect for everyday photography because you can take it with you anywhere and you can take pictures whenever a good inspiration comes. (Image on the left is taken with a 3.2 MP cam but not from a camera phone but I am hoping pictures could come something close to that)

The camera about is Fuji's FinePix s7000 which I got way back 2005 when I was still a student. It is a Digital SLR camera with 6.1 Megapixels and it takes excellent pictures, in fact most of my "photography" photos are taken using this camera including the one above. What's best about that camera is that I've acquired it for free because Fuji YKL Philippines was kind enough to give me what was then their most advanced camera (2005) as a sponsorship because they've heard about my "potential" in photography. I was a student back then and was very busy with school so I didn't have the time to complete what could have been my first photo exhibit in Megamall and/or Mall of Asia. This camera is more than enough when it comes to learning the basics of Photography and unfortunately just when I decided to take photography seriously.

This happened.

I don't know why or when exactly this started but my camera--is no longer a camera. This is what i see whenever I look through my camera's lenses. So now, I am planning to buy a new one (unless NIKON will be as kind as FUJI and will also let me play with their camera) The camera that I want and crave for is Nikon's D60. After careful internet window shopping, I find this is the perfect camera upgrade for me. Just look at the image below and you'll know why any photographer would die to have one.

So why did I post something like this?

I am trying to motivate myself not just to start working again but to actually start a new life. I'm not naturally lazy, but this past few months I've been nothing but a bum. I haven't been outside the house for many months now, and my day is mostly spent in front of the computer, surfing the web, doing photoshop things, practicing movie maker, adobe premiere, I've watch every single episode of Naruto, One Piece and Grey's Anatomy--not to mention that I've already watched every DVD we have at home. Even blogging is just a tool to keep myself busy because I am depressed, I was overhelmed with all sorts of problems last year and I just broke down. I've been trying to get back on my feet since then and I can say it's been a long road.

I am looking forward to starting a new life, I don't want to dwell much in what happened before and intend to forget everything bad and take only those things that kept me going in the past years. I've been doing a lot of thinking and I have a new game plan. Those thing I want to buy are part of my mid-term goals and I'd like to use them as reminders to keep me focus.

I chose these things not just because I need/want them at the same time but also because I know it would take me time to get them which is a good thing because I can stay focus for a long time and hopefully in the process I'd fine more reasons to just keep on going. One of the reasons I broke down is the lack of enough motivation and reason.

But, before anything else. I should find a job and just in case any of you wants to grant any of my "wishes". Just let me know or better yet check the Wish list Below. lols!


  1. wow. this is nice. something to keep you motivated. naks. gusto ko din ng notebook pc. its handy kasi and personal. unlike the family pc. ahahay. gogogo marlon! its a good thing na you have this as a motivator.. parang goal ba. kunsabagay, mas gaganahan ka naman nga talaga if you have something to look forward to..

    sige. good luck on your new journey. with or without these. keep on going. for yourself na din. self-actualization ni maslow's heirarchy of needs. ahehe. lol.

    god bless!

  2. wow!
    wanna have all those too...
    but maybe a few years from now pa before I could things like that...
    sa ngayon...
    aral muna...

  3. yeah---time to go out and explore the world---it's waiting for you~~~~

  4. Parang burn-out ha...

    Haaaay. Reason for living. Sometimes we get to a point that our lives revolve into a confined space or thing. Be it love or the daily push and pull of life in our daily routine. Sometimes we get to a point were we merely exist. Taking for granted the life given to us which really is meant for living.

    Living and existing. Two different things.

    May you find your purpose.
    May your past experiences change into strength.
    May your confusion turn into passion.
    Accept things which cannot be changed.
    Courage to change the things you can.
    and WISDOM to know the difference.

    God be with you! Be Alive. Be Free. =)

  5. gusto ko din ng mga ganyan! ^^ lalo na yung una! kaso wag muna gumastos masyado! mamahalin ko muna ng husto ang aking laptop!

  6. Jhosel, Yup I am hoping na magigising na ako na focused na kahit walang ganito para bumanggon sa umaga at talagang binanggit pa si Maslow ah? lols!

    Aian, tama it might take a while bago ko makumpleto to, wahahaha Goodluck naman.

    Pusang Gala, Advice taken from a Gala tulad mo. lols!

    Oracle, thanks for always giving me words of wisdom/advices. it really makes me think, bagay na bagay sa name mo. hehehe

    Cyndirellaz, meron ka naman na pa palang laptop eh. upgrade ba? lols!

  7. uy, i agree, that's a great way to keep yourself motivated. sigh, my camera is dying out on me too. but i really recommend the N73, the pics are really good, but the night shots are a bit crappy. just blog-hopping ;-)

  8. kamusta ba katotong kyut?
    medyo matagal akong hindi nakatambay dito ha...

    woi, relate ako sa wish mo for a new DSLR. in fact nikon d60 is one of my options too.

    all the best marlon.
    may all your efforts be crowned with success.
    god bless you always!

  9. Gandarynako, Yup, i think that's the bad thing about cellphone cams, even if they have hi-res, the lens and the lighting isn't just enough. Thanks for the drop,

    Revsiopao, namis kita dito ah. lols! sayang hindi ako nanalo doon sa contest mo. nagbago pa kasi ako sagot. ayos pa naman at bhuay pa ako dito.
    D60 is a very good choice. Kung pwede lang mamaya bibili na ako. lols!


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