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A year that was...or more. (Mr. Perspektib is back)

It's the time of year again when you really can't help but be re-acquainted with your old reminiscent self. I guess that's what happens when you have rest days that falls on a weekday when everyone else is working and you are pretty much the only person online doing nothing. On the positive side though, because of this...I found myself browsing through my blog that I haven't really visited for a long time so I'm back--I guess I am.

So Mr. Perspektib? How have you been for the last year or so.

I am a year older and hopefully wiser. I have read through my previous post prior to writing this to somewhat remind my current self of my older version. I have changed and I know it is in a good way. My first 6 months of blogging back then was more of an aid or somewhat a documentation of my so-called soul-searching. I can say that's over now, I've done quite a lot of things, been to many places and like any other there were a lot of ups and downs since the last time. Some aspects of my life are way better than before while others have unfortunately gone worse. You really can't have everything, or maybe you can but not always all at the same time or when you really need them the most--that's life.

It's been well over a year and a lot things in my blog are not relevant anymore. For one, the soundtracks of my life have changed. I'm done with the songs that was all about regret, longing and honestly I must say really sad songs because my heart is healed and happy. Secondly, I'm generally satisfied with how my life is going. Over a year ago, I was totally clueless of what I was about to do next and this is no longer the case because I now have a clear picture of where I'm going to be at 6 months from now. I have a clear goal, I have every motivation needed and I've got the best foundation to achieve them. I'm much more focused and things just seems to be more defined in terms of how I am going to get to my goals, I bet anyone I'd ask would say that it is a good thing.

It's the very first day of 2011, a lot of us may look at it as beginning while for others it may be an end. It really is just about our own perspective and as for me and many others it could be both. My long hiatus is over, one of things I want to start doing again is this--blogging. I can't help but wonder how many of my blogger friends are still out there. I really admire those people who have been consistently updating their blogs despite of the busy lives they also have. Twitter and Facebook may also serve the purpose as to why many people blog which is primarily to share their thoughts and what's been happening to their lives but somewhat I feel it still doesn't do justice to how a blogger writes on their own space, their own blog. Statuses or Tweets are more of a summary and photos sometimes doesn't just tell you as much stories. When you go to Facebook, what you would see are things people want to portray themselves to be in public but a blog is where you will see what they really are. Reading people's blog is literally a way to peak into the writer's heart.

I've been working for well 0ver a year now. I can safely say that I'm doing a fine job at what I currently do at work. I am as focused as ever and with the experience I've already earned I can already efficiently manage the time that I have so I'm really planning to go back and re-introduce myself to the blogosphere. I see a lot have changed and I couldn't wait to catch up, say "Hi" to my old friends and make new ones along the way.

January 1, 2011. Mr. Perspektib is officially back!


  1. weeeh!!!tutuo na ba yan? lolzz

    musta parekoy? tagal nawala ah...

  2. niceeeeeeeeee you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!! marami kang utang na post pare. nyahahaha!

    Welcome Back bro! God Bless!

  3. aba aba.. kumakarir ka pala ngayon kaya ka nawala.. welcome back!

    looking forward to your future posts!

  4. Hey welcome back Marlon. :D Guluhin ule natin ang blog world. haha.

  5. ei Marlon musta na? Nice blog there...! God Bless you kung nasaan ka man!!

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