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What Difference A Day Makes.

We all have it. That one single day that changes everything. You don't realize it when you wake up but you'd know at the end of that day things will never ever be the same. Like many people, there are those days you wished have never happened but it did and you'd just know..suddenly you'd be reminded what difference a day makes. It's only been a month, everything is still so fresh to me that I can still remember how helpless I've felt that morning when I got home after what had been the longest day of my life thus far. The 26th of the month is normally a day that I look forward to because it was on that day we became a couple. It was supposed to be our 15th time to celebrate that day but as it turned out, that day will be remembered for another reason. It was on that day when we had to take her to the Hospital. She was unmistakeably ill that morning. I arrived at their house after a phone call from her mom who sounded very nervous, "hindi siya magising&q
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A year that was...or more. (Mr. Perspektib is back)

It's the time of year again when you really can't help but be re-acquainted with your old reminiscent self. I guess that's what happens when you have rest days that falls on a weekday when everyone else is working and you are pretty much the only person online doing nothing. On the positive side though, because of this...I found myself browsing through my blog that I haven't really visited for a long time so I'm back--I guess I am. So Mr. Perspektib? How have you been for the last year or so. I am a year older and hopefully wiser. I have read through my previous post prior to writing this to somewhat remind my current self of my older version. I have changed and I know it is in a good way. My first 6 months of blogging back then was more of an aid or somewhat a documentation of my so-called soul-searching. I can say that's over now, I've done quite a lot of things, been to many places and like any other there were a lot of ups and downs since the last ti

City of Angels

Somethings are true whether we believe them or not... This movie review may be a decade too late but hey, City of Angels is one of those timeless classics so let me share my thoughts on the movie, the metaphors, the quotes and the sad truths behind this simple but very symbolic movie. NOTE: IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE 5 PEOPLE LEFT IN THE WORLD WHO STILL HASN'T WATCHED THE MOVIE THEN BE WARNED OF SPOILERS. lols! I was still too young to understand this movie when I first saw it on T.V. and when I say "too young to understand" I mean it literally. I was about 9 or 10 years old and I was just about in 4th grade at the time and though I already knew how to read and write English at that time, capturing every words and absorbing them was still quite a challenge. I really didn't like the movie and I thought it was pretty boring because I was expecting to see angels--you know those ones with wings and complete package. I was really disappointed that Angels on this mov

Blagging vs Blogging

Blagging-noun; a term that describes an original form of writing meant to embarrass oneself due to lack of mental capacity to understand the difference between writing and merely typing random letters on a keyboard forming words and sentences that makes no sense to the majority; a comedic form of writing which is often a product of one-sided, imbalance, inexperienced and close-minded thoughts; an easy-ticket to instant stardom by means of pathetic--often stupid means. -a term that everyone should thank Arvin for because he invented this type of "blogging or writing" with seemingly no effort at all. Paunawa : Ang kuwento pong ito ay mula lang sa isang mapaglarong imahinasyon ng may akda. Katulad ng mga iba pa niyang naisulat. Hindi po niya intensyon na makasakit ng mambabasa. Mukhang Pera Ni: Arvin U. de la Peña Dati akong OFW. Nagtrabaho ako sa Taiwan at sa Saudi. Sa Taiwan ay isa akong factory worker. Ang hirap ng trabaho ko doon pero kinaya ko dahil kailangan ng pe

The Missing Link

Ala, halos isang buwan na rin pala ulit mula ng huli akong mag-post dito sa aking blog. Bakit nga ba parang missing-in-action ako lagi? May tag pala ako from Pam at may award from Ka-Blogs wala man lang akong kamalay-malay. 84 in-all na pala ang members ng Pinoy Cute Bloggers at higit sa lahat may bago na namang "something" sa blogosphere? Ang hindi lang ata nagbago eh iyong ka-kyutan ko? Aktwali, hindi naman ako totally nawawala sa blogosphere dahil kahit papaano ay nagagawa ko naman masingit ma-check man lang ang blog ko at minsan kapag may sobrang oras at hindi pa ako masyado inaantok ay napapadaan at sumisilip naman ako sa inyong mga pahina. In fact, kailan lang eh naka-attend na ako sa kauna-unahan kong bloggers event na wala naman talaga akong plano puntahan kung hindi lang dahil sa ate ko na gustong-gusto makita si Dingdong Dantes. (Congrats nga pala sa winners ng Nuffnang/Goldilucks You're the 1 contest) I-deny ko sanang nagpunta ako doon kaso may nakakita daw

Ordinary People

We're just ordinary people, We don't know which way to go" -John Legend I think it's more than just a severe case of last song syndrome, I've been singing this song (actually more like trying) for how many days now and maybe because more than just the fancy piano playing and the awesome vocals of John Legend--is the grand idea that no matter how much we'd like to believe in ourselves, is the fact that there will always be moment when all of us would be just like everyone else--ordinary people. We are naturally vulnerable, imperfect, emotional, confused and most of the time clueless. Maybe that is why superhuman or superheroes appeal to us that much because we'd love to hold to the slightest thought that we can be super. Not in a sense that we can pick up tanks and throw them away when were mad or fly way above the clouds to escape our normal life but the mere idea of having a sense of control. We are smart and to some extent yes--we can control our lif

You're The 1, Goldilocks!

"One day in your life, you'll remember a place...someone touching your face, you'll come back and look around" -One Day in Your Life Michael Jackson I guess glancing through old photos on a rainy afternoon with that song playing on the background is all took for me to act on this impulse to write this post. After all, I've been feeling a bit sentimental these past few days perhaps because I know that "one day" in my life is once again drawing near. I have nothing but great memories of my childhood and if there is one person whom I know I should be thanking right now--it's my mom. I am the "bunso" in the family and was often the object of jealousy from my "Ate" and "Kuya" because I was a "Mama's Boy". I guess it can't be helped given that I was different, maybe she felt that I needed the attention more than my older siblings who were 7 and 9 years old already when I was born. Also, I think the fac