February 5, 2009


This is a short story I wrote 3-4 years ago for a friend as a project for his English Class. They were asked to write a fictional story of any kind and that I think it shouldn't be less or more than 7 pages. I don't remember the exact requirements but because I had the free time. I took the challenge.

I found this in my old site and I am sharing it here. Hope you read through it, it's quite long and there are a lot of mistakes but it's worth it, that's what they said.



RADIO DJ's Voice:

HELLO!!! HELLO!!! Everybody wake-up to another beautiful day and we've got plenty of reasons to get up and do some work because today is the 1st day of the year 2100 and if you want to change your life this is the best time to start. You may call it a new beginning...

"Yeah, right!..." said Alstein with a slight tone of sarcasm while banging the alarm clock off...

MOM!!! Did you set my alarm again last night? For God's sake why did you have to do it so loud? he yelled.

EXCUSE ME MR. ALSTEIN!!! said her mom who was now standing at his door.
I am your mother you have no right to yell at me like that, and you asked why did I have to do it so loud? You better ask yourself that question again once you take that thing off your ear.

Mom this is just not a "thing", Alstein replied.
This is my "G-17" Dream Stimulator" It stimulates what you want to dream about by programming it through its ultra sensitive sensors that receives signals directly from your brain cells and by..."

ENOUGH WITH THOSE!! What are you going to do next? A TIME MACHINE? She said with her eyebrows up.
Why in the world did I name you after ALBERT EINSTEIN? her mom added while leaving the room.

It was in the year 2100 when all of today’s dreams finally became realities. Ultra-Sonic Planes that can take you from Tokyo to New York in just an hour—a time when "AIRWAYS" have already replaced what we call today a "HIGHWAY" because of flying cars reaching speeds of 300 Miles Per Hour. A time when NASA'S LUNAR SPACE CITY is already one of the most visited tourist spot because space travel is no longer exclusive for astronauts. On this year, mankind is again set to make a giant leap into the heavens as the French-Japanese-Russian-American joint mission to the surface of the planet Airos (16th planet in the solar system) is expected to be in its final phase in October. Remember Asimo? Honda's Humanoid Robot? He is now fully functional and is found in almost every home. He can basically do everything you want him to. His latest version is ASIMO X12 Home and Office Helper Hybrid. He can now take care of your pets and even your babies, while in the office you can be sure that he will talk to all of your clients with respect. Advancement in medicine and communication in this era is also unbelievable. An HIV vaccine is already available and is given to every new born baby. The new strain of the dreaded SARS that killed thousands of people in the year 2067 is no match to an anti-biotic found and is naturally produced by mosquitoes. In communication, cell phones are now equipped with different features based on your needs. Personalized cell phones don't just take pictures and shoots movies anymore. Your cell phone can also serve as your credit card, you just flash your mobile phones in vending machines, subway stations and even convenient stores. Your cell phone also contains all of your personal and medical information such as your blood type, dental records, blood pressure and sugar count that is automatically updated because of the microchip embedded in your wrist. It alerts you when there is increase or decrease of blood pressure and insulin production. Perhaps the most useful function of this futuristic cell phone is not the fact that you can use video conferencing in talking to multiple people at the same time but the fact that it automatically dials emergency numbers when any of your vital organs cease from functioning.

Alstein is a science and engineering genius but people around him tend to overlook his gift because he often fails all of his subjects except science and math. He likes to read and he's always been fascinated with Albert Einstein's work. He's dream is to build a TIME MACHINE--something that even in his time is thought to be impossible. He work for hours and hours studying laws of physics more specifically Einstein's theory of Parallel Universe. This theory states that our universe or our physical self is also present in a different dimension or a different universe. Things in our universe act the way they do because they are meant to be this way in this dimension. For example, when you hit a billiard ball, it will go the direction you want it to which in this case is a pocket. For this to happen, energy or an outside force should be applied to the object for it to move according to the law of Inertia. Law of Inertia also states that an object in motion will keep on moving unless and outside force is applied which in this case is friction. Friction will slow the ball down and will cause it to stop rolling. That is how we know it in this universe, things act that way they do because of the different laws of physics. However, in the other universe things will not act the same. The ball may have not been moved at all even with the force applied to it or it may have never stopped due to the absence of friction. The Theory of Parallel Universe States that everything in our universe has corresponding equivalent in other universes. Everything that exists in this universe also exists in other different universe including people. If for example you are in this universe, you also exist in the other. There can be a 100 you depending on how many universes there is.

Alstein quickly got up from his bed and instead of going to the kitchen for his breakfast; he went straight down in their basement which serves as his laboratory and testing facility. He quickly checked his "Time Traveller MC-13 Prototype", He was been working on it for almost a year now but he never tested it yet, He never tested it because he is not quite sure how this is going to work. Every day since last week, he checks on it and he always makes sure that everything is in place.

ALSTEIN.....ALSTEIN.....Are you down there again? You better come up here and eat your breakfast you will be late for school" his mom said.

Just a second mom, I'm coming. Alstein replied.

Alstein hurried his breakfast realizing that he is running late, he jump right into his car and he pressed number 1 in his steering wheel. His car automatically took off headed for school. Alstein is looking forward to his Physics class--not because he wants to listen to his classmates report but because this is his chance to ask his Physics professor about his insights. Right after the bell rings, Alstein stood up and he went straight to Professor's Jordan table.

Professor... called Alstein

Yes? Alstein, I knew this was coming, I saw you daydreaming again today. The last time I saw you like that you asked me about ideas the speed of light. Now I am wondering...What are you going to ask me next? Prof. Jordan inquired.

"Well...Well...Professor...I have been working on something lately and I just recently got done with it but I am not quite sure how am I going to test it or how will I know that it'll work. Alstein replied with an uncertain tone of voice.

"Mr. Alstein... you are a great scientist yourself and you know that. You never fail to amaze me with your questions and theories about things. I was once like you before. Young...Uncertain and with so many questions in mind but what's bothering you right now is quite simple. Look into the basics... Can you define science for me Mr. Alstein? Prof, Jordan said

"Science is a systemized body of knowledge derived from observation and experimentation". Alstein recited,

"Now you have the answer to your question...Anything else Mr. Alstein?" Prof. Jordan replied.

Alstein ran out the room as fast as he could shouting "Thank You Prof. Jordan"

He went straight down to his basement shouting the words "SCIENCE IS DERIVED FROM EXPERIMENTATION AND OBSERVATION" once he again stared at his "Masterpiece". He realized that he should not think twice about testing his "MC-13" and he did. First, he set the timer of his MC-13 10 minutes back. It was already 3:56 in the afternoon and he wanted to go back ten minutes earlier. He pushed the green button and next thing he knew a blinding light forced him to close and cover his eyes. After the split second explosion of light, he opened his eyes once again and at first he thought that it didn't work because nothing has changed. A second later, he heard footsteps going down the basement and his heartbeat triples in just a second when he heard himself shouting the word "SCIENCE IS DERIVED FROM EXPERIMENTATION". He didn't know what to do and he saw his clock flashing the numbers "3:46". All he could say was "OH! MY GOD!" He then quickly turned the time in his "MC-13" and desperate for an escape he didn't notice that he set it wrong. Again a blinding light was produced he covered his eyes once again but this time it was different. Alstein opened his eyes but he didn't know where he was. It was daylight...he felt a sudden rush. People were screaming...horrified....and everybody was running away from the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Alstein suddenly came to his senses realizing that it was September 11, 2001--a very important day in American History. He didn't know what to do or where to go... There was just to much people running around panicking when suddenly he heard a boy crying for help. He saw the horror in his eyes-- knowing that the Towers are about to collapse, Alstein grabbed the kid to safety saving his life.

"Don't worry your safe now, Alstein said" The kid looked in to his eyes saying thank you and Alstein felt really strange when they look at each other's eyes. He asked the boy's name.

"I am Christopher John Smith" the boy answered. Alstein's suspicion was confirmed. The boy was his Grandfather. He was so grateful that he saved the boy knowing that if he wouldn't have done it. He would have not been born at all. "Paradox is true". Alstein said to himself" Paradox is one rule of time travel. It says that if even time travel becomes possible man would still have no control over the events that have happened and the events that are destined to happen. He was destined to be there at the right place at the right time to save his grandfather because if he wasn't there. He would never have existed.

After that...Alstein quickly set his MC-13 to January 1, 2100 3:56 in the aftenoon. He was back. He still can't believe that all this is happening. TIME TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE. He was back in time and he almost saw himself. Einstein was right, now the next step. Alstein wants to see the future...Alstein wants to go further back in time. He wants answers to his question. He can now answer all of mankind’s questions.
What was the missing link in Darwin's Theory of Evolution? Did the earth really formed like what it is said in the bible? or earth is just a by-product of the Big Bang Explosion? Did a comet really cause the extinction of dinosaurs? Where did life came from? Are we alone in the Universe? Did Moses really part the Red Sea? Is God the ultimate creator? or Is He our ultimate creation?

Alstein have decided that the next time he will use the MC-13--he will use it to travel in the future. He wants to see what is going to happen even before it took place.

The next day... Alstein have decided to use his MC-13 to go to the future but because he was just doing this for the first time, he thought that it would be wise if he doesn't go too far in the future so he chose to set the timer just one week ahead.

"Not much can happen in a week so i am pretty sure i won't spoil any surprises," Alstein said to himself.

Again, Alstein once again pushed the button and again the blinding light appeared. He checked the date and he saw January 8, 2100. He went upstairs without any hesitation because he knows that he will not see himself anywhere around because he knows that he is supposed to be in camp on this day. Everything is quiet...
Almost too quiet. He slowly checked everything around and suddenly somebody spoke.

"Alstein... is that you? Aren't you supposed to be in the hospital? said "Bhodek" their ASIMO X10 Robot.

"Bhodek..? you scared the hell out of me!" Can you please stop being super quiet and all? Aren't you supposed to be working? And what did you say? Why am I not in the hospital? Why should I be there anyway? Alstein said in a hurried voice.

"Why Alstein? Didn't your mom's cell phone inform you that your mother is in the hospital? She was in an accident and I am afraid that she is in bad condition." Bhodek replied.

Alstein hurried out in the garage but he couldn't find his car anywhere. He realized that the other Alstein is using it. This is surely not what he had expected in his first visit to the future. He took the supersonic train instead. He arrived in the hospital not caring about the consequences of meeting the other Alstein, All he cared about is getting to his mom and see for himself what happened. He was directed to a room by a nurse and outside the door he saw himself crying at his mom's side while the nurses tries to take him away.

His mom died. He is outraged, confused and out of control. He doesn't know what to do but it’s a good thing that he kept his presence of mind. He went right back in time and he's now back in the present. He has never been this confused his entire life. He never thought that in just a week things like this would happen. He now knows that he only have one week left wih his mom--his only family. He knows that he couldn't do anything about the tragedy that is about to happen. He knows that no matter how hard he tries to change the future--paradox will get in the way. What is meant to happen will happen in one way or the other. He doesn't know if he should tell his mom about it or if he has enough courage to do it. He couldn't talked to anybody about it, even his Physics professor wouldn't understand or if he would even believe him. He is clueless and hopeless--but mostly just hopeless.

He asked himself "ALSTEIN...what can you do?" Suddenly an idea came to his mind.

He saw his MC-13 in front of him. He set a timer and a blinding light is once again released. He opened his eyes. Everything looks old to him but everything looked familiar.

"May I help you? said a voice"

Alstein looked around and he saw an old white bearded man with white hairs that looks like a comb has never touched it.

"Is that you? Is that actually you?" Alstein asked.

"Well, young man it depends if "you" is referring to ALBERT EINSTEIN then yes, it is actually me but if you are looking for Santa Claus you may have set your timer at the wrong year." the old man replied.

"Are you telling me that you believe in Santa? he asked to Einstein. "I did, We all did" he replied. Alstein didn't expected his "HERO" the German Physicist Albert Einstein to be like this. He expected him to be this science nerd who never fails to mention a scientific term or law whenever he speaks.

"How did you know I came from a different time?" he asked.

Mr. first I would like you to do me a favor, can you not please mention your name because I don't want to have any memories of somebody who isn't born yet. Secondly, don’t worry because you are not the first to come here from a different time and talked to me... I myself once travelled in time." Einstein said.

Alstein couldn't believe what he just said.

You did? How come nobody knew about it? How come you didn't tell anybody about it? That could have made you an even greater scientist!. Alstein exclaimed.
It'll be the same reason why you wouldn't tell anybody in your time that you've been here, the same reason why you would rather keep your invention to yourself, and the same reason why you are here right now." said the German Physicist.

"What are you talking about? What reason? I don't understand you! said Alstein with obvious anxiousness in his voice. He listened carefully as Einstein started to talk.

I am not a big fan of God myself. I dedicated my life to science because I wanted to prove that God is just a pigment of our imagination. I wanted to prove that Earth was formed by cosmic activities in space that lead to what most scientist call "The Big Bang Explosion". I wanted to help Charles Darwin find the "missing link" in his theory of evolution to disprove what the Bible says that God created all the living creatures in this planet. I formulated my theories to help people understand science more so that they can make good use of it. I studied and dedicated most of my time to Science but the more I dig into the mysteries and complexity of everything around me--the more I knew that God does exist. Through science I saw God, through science Iknew that miracles do happen.

MIRACLES? Alstein asked.

The miracle of life and death... the metamorphosis of the ugly caterpillar into a beautiful winged butterfly, A chameleon that changes it colors to blend with its environment, a seed that is blown by the wind to be taken in faraway places where it can grow, a fish that can jump out of the water to catch it's prey, a bat that can see in the dark not through his eyes but through his ears.

Aren't these miracles?

Powerful and destructive volcanic eruptions making the soil fertile, Typhoons and Hurricanes bringing rain to land to prevent drought, Earthquakes that forms mountains and other landforms.

Aren't these miracles?

The Earth--the third planet from the sun placed far enough to receive just enough sunlight, tilted 23 degrees from its axis for better distribution and circulation of wind and light, earth's rotation and revolution giving each side of the planet twelve hours of day and night,
Aren't these miracles?
Man's emotions--the happiness of feeling complete because of love, the grief and sorrow of losing a love one, the anger and guilt we feel when something wrong is done to us, Mans ability to think, to act, to love, to hate, to understand and to realize God's gift.

Aren't these miracles?

GOD DOESN'T PLAY DICE, he planned everything. He have given us great power and great responsibility, we are the only specie on earth able to protect and destroy everything that he have given us. He entrusted everything to us. We once thought that our planet is the center of the universe but now we know that we are only a part of God's "Master Plan" Everything happens the way God had planned it. Time is God's way of preventing two things from happening at once. The past, the present and the future are three different things. The past dictates the present and the present dictates the future, it is a system--a system perfectly engineered by God, designed so we can learn and look back at the mistakes and memories of the past, designed so that we can live and be thankful of the present, the future designed for us to have something to prepare for and be excited about. Seeing God through science--just one of God's way in making us believe.

He paused for a moment.

You better go now you've been here for awhile. Stop wasting your time thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You've got the present, live it wisely.

Alstein left without saying a word.
He suddenly understood everything. PARADOX--What is meant to happen will happen.

And so Alstein returned but he was somehow different. He knew that he's only got a week left with his mom. He didn't tell her about it but he have already prepared himself for the tragedy that is about to happen. He made sure that he made her mom felt how much she meant to him--one thing he failed to do in the past. He went on camp as scheduled. He said didn't say goodbye to his mom but instead the last thing he said to her was...Thank you.

Alstein didn't regret anything but instead he was thankful about the lessons he learned from the incident. He went on and finished his studies. He won many prestigious awards for his works in Physics and he was named one of history’s greatest scientist reaching the ranks of greats like ALBERT EINSTEIN and other famous scientist. He's "TIME TRAVEL MC-13 PROTOTYPE" is displayed in a museum but nobody knew that it actually worked.

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Happy Valentines Day Marlon, hope you have one.

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